Calico Conniption!

Y’all, choosing the right window treatments for your space can be overwhelming, to say the least. There are tons of options. I like to let the existing architecture of the window trim help guide my choice for a solution. If it’s serving me drama, I go with a treatment that won’t compete with that, but will still have some razzamatazz for the room. That’s usually simple muslin, or canvas curtain panels that puddle a little on the floor. I add a little somethin’-somethin’ with grommets, bead chain, and re-purposed pipe and flange as the curtain rods. But not always: My living room curtains

These are my living room curtains, which I made from muslin and then trimmed in twill tape! They’re hung from inexpensive heavy duty tension rods which are excellent when you’re renting and don’t want to make tons of holes in your window frames. I love how I’ve got functional curtains to filter light, but I still get to see the delicious trim of the windows. Yummy, y’all!

Disa's Dining Room WindowsIt’s a similar situation in Disa’s dining room. She’s got a giant window space (it’s actually three separate windows) surrounded by pretty wood trim. She’s had these white plantation shutters already installed on the bottom half, (LOVE!) but needs a solution for the top half.

Like most folks, she wants privacy, but also still wants some natural light. There are quite a few solutions for this scenario, but we’re going with a relaxed roman shade. I love roman shades, especially the relaxed style. See an example here y'all. They’re functional, straightforward, and unfussy. They also help add softness and are a great way to inject color and pattern into a space. Plus, if mounted inside the window frame, they perform while still sharing the spotlight with architectural details like our wood trim.

Y’all can purchase ready-made roman shades (at, JC Penney, but I strongly recommend going custom. Remember y’all: Custom-ness is next to Godliness! Sure, it’s pricier, but worth the investment b/c your windows are the eyes to your spaces’ soul. For those of you fortunate enough to live near Calico Corners, like Disa, take yourself there immediately! Don’t fret if you don’t-- They have a full-service website, just waiting to take y’all there! These peeps do all things fabric: upholstery projects, window treatments, gorgeous fabrics by the yard. They’re knowledgeable, friendly- holla to Lynn- and sure know how to serve some hot music hits for increased shopping excitement! In fact, watch my complete conniption with Disa in Calico Corners for yourselves:

Oh, y’all that did feel good! Even better, we got a major feature of Disa’s dining room taken care of and I got my dance on! Decorating is FUN again!

Photo Credit for Living Room Drapes image: Hector Sanchez