Shopping Shenanigans with Disa!

Y’all know sometimes you just can’t control exactly when or where you’ll want to bust a move…like at your local Home Depot, where on another makeover visit with Disa in Maplewood NJ, she tore up the plumbing aisle with some dancing glory! Check it:

I have no idea why I’m whispering in that bit, but it sure does add some drama!

And y’all aren’t going to believe the amazing industrial glassfront cabinet we scored at this wonderful architectural/found object shop called, 2 Guys From Newstead! This place wasn’t even open when we first pulled up, but after witnessing my total freakfest through the windows, complete with shrieks and lots of arm flailing, they opened right up! That’s what I call effective window shopping, y’all!! That cabinet is going to be amazing for china storage in Disa’s dining room! I love to mix in unexpected, re-purposed pieces like this into spaces. Y’all don’t have to limit yourselves when choosing furniture. Think about how you need the piece to function for you in your space, and then think of all the other options that are out there to serve that function in terms of furniture. Look at magazines and tear out pages for inspiration.

For Disa, I needed a china storage solution but I also wanted an industrial/metal element in the space. Instead of just jumping right onto the typical china hutch train, I thought about different storage pieces that could be re-purposed to hold china…and look hot in the process. Thus, a metal bookcase with glass- a feature that still speaks to actual china hutch origins- came to mind. The next obvious part of all this, as y’all have no doubt figured out, is finding these pieces. But that’s the best part, where all the shenanigans can be had- like getting your groove on in a Home Depot! Y'all can have tons of fun (and often SAVE big) by scouring unexpected places if you keep an open mind: junk shops like the one above, craigslist, ebay, thrift stores, flea markets and yard sales. Added bonus: when buying vintage or gently used furniture you're adding a layer of authenticity to your space that could be lacking if everything is store bought and brand new. Also, re-purposing gives you the flexibility to customize a piece to perfectly suit your needs. And custom-ness is next to Godliness, y'all! D.I.Y. yourselves!

So, Disa and I tore up some aisles on our first, but certainly not last, shopping excursion in the quest of fulfilling her dreams by way of her house re-design. And be sure to re-watch the video above...yes, I do look that good on camera as well as off, y'all, yet I'm also sharing a clever curtain rod treatment that will send you dancing to your nearest plumbing-parts store! uh-huh, I've just written rod and plumbing in the same sentence! Design Scandal! Now go get to shopping!