Back online... it's Disa design time!

Y’all, it's been a while, but I'm back! If you hadn’t guessed it already, designing a House of Destiny is no easy task—especially when you’re working with someone as glam as Disa. Afterall, this is the lady who’s been known to rock a gold lamé headband AND take color inspiration for her house from an 80’s prom dress! Damn! But don’t be fooled, y’all, my years spent in shoulder pads and ‘Cruel Summer’ pastel bandannas helped make me the style friend I am today! Thus, with feathered hair, I give you my sketches for Disa’s Dining Room: Don’t hate! Obviously this isn’t to scale, and is way rough! Aside from wanting a kick-ass place to entertain, her specific wishlist for the room was this:

  • Rug
  • Window treatment- No, you’re not seeing things, I sketched two different options on the window! Long curtains or relaxed roman shades…
  • Storage- for china, linens, etc
  • Bar / wine storage
  • Artwork
  • Chandelier

The overall vibe I’m going for is feminine- rustic meets industrial. Disa established the rustic because she’d already bought the dining table and chairs. To contrast all the yummy wood going on, I’m going to weave in hits of feminine glitz- a crystal chandelier, mercury glass candlesticks, luxurious fabric used to create a window treatment , a gorgeous rug ! I’ll bring in the industrial with metal pieces such as a china cabinet, window treatment hardware, and galvanized accent architectural pieces. We’ll lose the dark wood buffet. Here’s what I’m proposing:

There’s also an awkward nook beside the fireplace, so I suggested a built-in cabinet that could double as a bar…now, that nook becomes an attractive solution and a real feature in the space, here’s the sketch showing that:

The nook that became a bar!

On the wall leading into the living room, I’ve proposed a gallery style treatment for family photos and artwork, complete with cute lighting and a sweet bench that can double as additional seating for one of Disa’s rage-a-thons!:

Creating a home gallery gets family pics in one place, creating a decorative focal point.

As with most design projects, there will be adjustments, fits of rage, Dynasty-like slaps, tears…maybe even some bloodshed…but that’s what makes it FUN, folks! This is home decorating, y’all! So, I’m off to start turning it out…In the meantime, enjoy some highlights from my last visit with Disa where I shared these sketches with her: