Head to toe, with Disarrono!

Y’all, inspiration for redoing your space can come from anywhere…like an incredible Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam song, or even a bad-ass bridesmaid dress! Meet glam girl Debbie, or as I call her, Disarrono, or even more elegantly, just Disa (as her purple bridesmaid dress with matching headband would suggest- pure ‘Dynasty’ drama! I love it!)  Disa and her adorable family (husband of hotness Brian and love bug son Will) need some help with their new home in the quaint town of Maplewood, NJ.  Holla, new project for PJ!

The house that Love and Lisa Lisa built!

I’m doing four rooms: dining room, den, office and entryway.  It’s a bit of an undertaking, but it’s really exciting b/c their home is so charming.  I love them and want to help them fulfill their house destiny!!! Also, y’all, these are the architectural details of dreams…moldings, hardwood floors, glass insert doors, a yard…just an overall fabulosity that’s only a 35-minute train ride from NYC. Check out these before shots:

Not much eatin’ happening in here now!

Bless them, that sofa ate up their den!

Y’all, this room is screaming for wallpaper love!

No one puts an entryway in a corner!

It should come as no shock after watching our hot music video above that Disa wants to work in a purple and silver color palatte for the dining room. The other rooms will get some fun complimentary colors that I’ll present to her. Color me razz!She picked out Benjamin Moore’s Raspberry Ice  #2072-70 on the fan deck as the starting color, which as y’all can see here ends with Dark Basalt #2072-10.  I think it’s a pretty & sophisticated group of purple to work within…we get some hits of the color in the bridesmaid dress that fulfills her dreams, but the range of purples also opens up more possibilities to work in multiple shades.

I think having more shades of one color in a room gives a room layers and depth…it’s also great b/c you have more options when shopping for objects that go into the room. Plus, I know a lot of y’all freak out when it comes to color and how to decorate with it. Avoid color trauma and a lot of costly purchase mistakes by just shopping with your paint chips. Most paint companies print their paint colors in color ranges on one chip, like the one pictured here. And if they don’t print multiple color ranges on one chip, they usually group them by color range when displayed…take your color choice and then two or three before and after your color choice. Now you’ve just taken yourself there with a color range! Holla! Y’all can also check out www.benjaminmoore.com for terrific tips and tricks when it comes to not only painting, but other overall color goodness as well.

So, let the House of Disa’s Dynasty begin! Expect to be updated regularly with lots of fun pics, video and drama details of the journey to transforming this amazing space.

Oh and lest you think I didn’t really love y'all, my dear readers, here’s a bonus video of Debbie before she was Disa… enjoy!

WOW... I have a crush on HER! Take us there Disa!