1760's Farmhouse getting STYLESLAPPED!

Let me set the scene: FAB farmhouse located in the Berkshires in Mass built in 1760. Heretofore known as #client1760. It's a big ole house that's 'licious with all kinds of beams & wood & stone running rampant. The homeowners took a few years to focus on beautifying the grounds but now have dispensed me to styleslap some of the interiors. One of our first projects is the smallest of the two guest bedrooms. This room is tots adorbs and tots tee-niny. Witness: 

Uh huh, y'all aren't seeing things...

Froggy is perched atop a full size futon, believe it or not...and b/c of architectural limitations (beam, radiator, sloped ceiling that starts at about 28" from floor) and um-- LACK OF ACTUAL SPACE-- we're going with another full size bed. In the exact same spot. But TRUST there's a plan here...

yeah, yeah, continuing on...and then-- BAM, right where we started! 

Brandon is just as pensive when considering this room as I was! We have about 82"w x 146 1/4" long to 'play' with-- soooo generous, right?! Here's our wishlist:

*new bedframe

*dresser/storage solution

*re-use rug from other part of house

*paint/possible wall mural on feature wall

*new overhead & other lighting

*new window treatment/hardware

*small bench or stool

And here's what's going down:

That's A LOT of chic being slung into such a small space, but this room can handle it y'all. The wheels are already in motion 'cause just this past w/e we installed that uh-mazing pipe and flange kee klamp bed that is just BEYOND DOT COM...in fact, while I'm gearing up to do a full PJDIY tutorial on that project, I'm gonna leave y'all w/ a pic of how ours turned out: 

Yasssssss! Stay tuned for more updates and bed frame PJDIY soon!