Y'all Girls and all the FUN you're having...

Y'all tonight Girls Just Wanna Have Fun at Lola Star's Dreamland Roller Disco at Lakeside Prospect Park, so I created a rad living room spot for the Girls (& Gurlzzz) to get our pre-game roller skating fun in! Like...totally!:

I'm SO SURE!!!

I'm SO SURE!!!

I know y'all are just gagging over how FUN this living room is?! Um, Duh! Here's where y'all can score all this 'liscious:

The rad rug

The bitchin' dark purple sofa

The coffee table  which is like, so gnarly

Then there's the righteous wall sculpture

And this pillow is giving major bod

And so is like, this tubular orange chair

And this  chandelier is like, soooo radical and so even, is the bench...it's one of kind, so inquire directly with ABC Home for specific to buy info...it's called the Cruz Bench #980997 and it's SO AWESOME! So happy friday-- let's go have some righteous FUN, Gurlzzz!!!