It's Pretty In Pink Prom tonight, and you need a new bedroom...SERIOUSLY

Y'all since I've been emceeing Lola Star's Dreamland Roller Disco at Lakeside Prospect Park, which has been a total blowout, I thought it'd be cool to create a 'get the look' for a room, based on each weeks' 80's theme. Tonight's theme just so happens to be: Pretty in Pink Prom. And y'all know I love me some frilly lace pink regalia, and I love proms even it's ONHere's a still from the film set:


And here's what I came up with for today's Pretty in Pink Prom, person:

This bedroom is fulfilling all your prom fantasies right about now.

This bedroom is fulfilling all your prom fantasies right about now.

Despite lurvin' pink, I dialed it back a bit in my room {GASP} b/c I wanted the room to be more sophisticated and modern for today, overall. Not that pink can't be sophisticated y'all...but I was going for a more elevated, chic vibe. I think, this is the kind of room that someone could live with (w/ or without a partner) for a looooong time but then when tired of pink, could make some quick decor switch out's. And if y'all want even MORE pink, this makes for a great foundation to add more pink-centric style sass about the room, for instance, in decorative pillows, an accent wall painted pink, a big fluffy pink rug,'s where y'all can get this yummy shiot:


Buy the scarf here. (For lampshade drama draping, dollbaby, not wearing. Though do as you will and I style bless you.) 

Buy the lamp here.

Buy the bedding here.

Buy the vanity here.

Buy the vanity stool here.

Buy the bed here.

Buy the wallpaper here.

Buy the curtains here.

Buy the telephone here.

And if y'all just so happen to live in NYC or will be near enough tonight, I urge y'all to come and get your roller skating shenanigans on with me, link above! You are SO my prom date and I love you dollbabies!