Tight on floor space? Wall mount my friend.

A lot of folks-- esp. city dwellers-- lack ample square footage for basic furniture in their spaces. And I'm not talking about superfluous furniture either, like that cute freestanding glass curio cabinet your displayin' all those 'Precious Moments' figurines in-- Your Love is ALWAYS NEAR. No, these are rooms where even a normal-sized sofa is straining to fit, much less an end table beside said sofa. My solution: wall mount where y'all can. Like this:

This is my living room and that black blob is actually this cool vintage wooden cabinet with small drawers in it. It's mounted to the wall with L brackets. It's great b/c it not only provides add'l storage, but it's also another surface option in the room to place things on, like a Jonathan Adler butter dish or an adult beverage, when called upon. The other great thing is that b/c it doesn't touch the floor/have legs, it's not eating up valuable floor space on this tiny wall. In fact, I've actually carved out more usable space by wall mounting the cabinet. And b/c we can still see the floor underneath, it's light & airy overall. Here's another ex. of wall mounted furniture in action:

OH my-- well, there's so much richness happening in this shot-- this is my bedroom and no it's not styled AT ALL as evidenced by the clothes, cords, and stacks of unopened mail and the Queen Tawny sash, which is a whole other post unto itself-- but the point here is to illustrate this vintage pie safe/cabinet is wall mounted & makes for the perfect little bedside table. I'm able to use the surface for my clock, decorative vases that all of us have on our nightstands, RIGHT?-- inside the cabinet are shelves for other necessities-- and it's not eating up a bunch of floor space. It's literally floating off the floor, so it doesn't seem heavy.  

In the pic above, though dark, y'all can see a small rectangular white wooden box wall mounted on the right side functioning as the daybed/sofa end table...believe it or not, that's actually a vintage microscope box that I bought at a flea market eons ago, painted white & wall mounted. I KNOW! Same points as above: I carved out usable yet narrow space by wall mounting this storage box. It's hardly noticeable and totally functional. Here's a side view...the same box got hung horizontally in this pic, but the concepts are still the same. Y'all can also see-- barely through the flowers-- the other moment from the first pic above & how it works in the overall living room. This room isn't huge, so I've tried to make every inch count by utilizing the walls where I can...

Y'all will want to be sure you find the studs in your wall when wall mounting any furniture like this and be sure to use appropriately-sized/weighted L brackets and screws/anchors. Good luck and go get your wall mount on!