Finding Fabulous

It's FRIDAY y'all and I've found some more Free Shiot and it's FABULOUS:

Um, hi wooden-midcentury-interesting-shaped-side-table-with-carved-gorgeousness-panels?!

Y'all I feel like I'm being punk'd or something here with this...this Free Shiot side table has completely #styleslapped me six ways to Sunday! It's FANTASTIC. WHO throws something like this OUT?! OK, I see the discoloration/damage on top, but whateve's...that's not even that severe and it's SO fixable...even if you don't want to go the distance to refinish the top b/c let's face it your lazy as all hell, you could just give it some linseed oil to condition it & hide the spot with some strategic objet placement. y'all know how we do!

Oh and then as if the table wasn't amazing enough, a side panel opens up revealing interior storage...shut the...F&$K YOU with this!

I can't...

Happy Friday & go out and roam the streets for some Free Shiot-- y'all never know what you're gonna score!