Giving the Lady some Goooooold!

Here's what happens when your client LOVES gold, wants a glamorously chic living room, has very little $$$ for decorating...and NO artwork: * We started with this inspiration...designed by Kelly Wearstler, not sure who shot this, sorry, but think it ran originally in Metropolitan Home magazine:



WHAT?!?!?!? Yeah...kinda obsessed. How did THIS go down? Like this:

* Paint the wall(s) gold. We used Modern Masters Metallic Paint in gold. A little goes a looooong way...:

* Use painters tape in various widths and tape lines on wall(s). I also layered tape to make custom widths. I had no template here and just went with it. Some lines were one continuous line on both walls. Some lines were shorter. Some lines were straight. Some were crooked. Trippy, right? Some lines even CROSSED OVER OTHER LINES...whoa.

One time, I even extended the tape across the door to create a continuous line on both sides of door:

Mind BLOWN, right?! Here's what I ended up with:

* Next, paint the walls white. Let Dry.

* Carefully begin to remove tape. Pace yourselves here, y'all. Sometimes painters tape can yank off surrounding paint, so I like to pull slowly, at an angle. Also, if y'all did what I did and layered tape atop itself and created your own widths, etc., you'll want to go slow anyway. You may also discover paint drips or leaks, if your tape edges weren't pressed firmly enough, but those can be touched up afterwards.

So y'all end up getting this GOLD HAWTNESS:

DYING! There's still lots more to do in this room, but am beyond STYLE-SLAPPED on how great this diy paint treatment turned out! And this project cost less than $150 for BOTH WALLS. And scene.