DECOUPAGE DREAMZZZ by me in this month's Real Simple Magazine

What to do with that outdated janky furniture that's just been sitting in your garage/attic/basement? HELLO-- Decoupage calling! Are y'all gonna answer? I sure hope so-- esp. 'cause I'm giving y'all "how-to" Decoupage Dreamzzzz full-on about your face in this month's Real Simple magazine! Feast on IT:

In case y'all can't quite make it out...that's actually my face that this illustrator attempted to draw-- bless his heart! I'm not 100% on this rendering...discuss:

In addition to the chair project, there's some other really 'licious bits that y'all should totally ravage as if your decorating lives depended on go out and hoard yourselves a copy of the magazine ASAP-- it's the August 2014 issue. And check back here b/c I have more Decoupage Dreamzzz I'll be fulfilling with this kids' activity table that's seen A LOT of LOVE, but is about to style-slap y'all beyond belief! And thanks to all the peeps at Real Simple for the shout out! LURV y'all!