Lucite Shelf Lovely

Consider y'all-selves STYLE SLAPPED full on about the face!!!! Yasssss! Presenting lucite shelf & vintage brass bracket REALNESS:

SO thrilled at how this project turned out! I just LURV everything about it-- the combo of materials: lucite, brass and cast iron. The fact that the candleholders appear to be floating sculpture. Also j'adore that I was able to utilize the wall space BEHIND the shelf for even MORE value hanging style storage. Also lurving: the whole situ doesn't feel heavy. Sometimes display shelves that are mounted really high like this have a tendency to visually weigh down the room, but this just feels so light and airy to me.

And TRUST that it's super SAFE-- there are two screws and two anchors in each bracket. Speaking of, the installation (thx Dyl) was really straightforward and just involved measuring the overall length of the wall, the lucite shelf and then dividing out equally where each brackets were to go. Then we traced the bracket holes, installed them and put the shelf in place. When we started, it looked like this:

I'd say for the $30 or so I spent on this project, total lucite shelf dreamzzzz have been fulfilled! What do y'all think?!