Sizzlin' Sectional

Disclaimer: I have little love for sectionals...they're usually ugly, cumbersome and all too common. I KNOW, y'all, way betch-y of me! But then this lady came into my life: Delight:



This was a major score at only $600 shut the F$CK YOU dollars!!! She was first being considered as a sofa option for one of my clients' apartments, but we'd already found an alternate option that was divine for that space, when babygirl presented herself for so cheap. But, rather than pass up extreme value, same client wanted her for his office!!! WHAT WHAT...Decorating kismet!!! All wheels were in motion until we got to see her up close and personal...she was a little more rough around the edges...janky upholstery accessorized with some questionable stains and uncomfy foam cushions that were actually disintegrating!!!! WHAT?! Those two problems aren't impossible to rectify, but they can be costly...considering what a bargain she was. Steam cleaning was a necessity! And new foam cushion inserts weren't that costly at around $350, thanks to the good folks at Economy Foam and Futon. But a total reupholstery job...not an option here. So how do you transform an upholstered piece of furniture WITHOUT reupholstering it? PAINT IT! So this:

Becomes this:






Consider y'all-selves STYLE SLAPPED BY WAY OF A SECTIONAL!!!! DAMN! Check back later for the yummy detailed how-to the meantime, happy friday!