Light 'em up, Cowboy!

These vintage sconces were a total score for my clients at the flea market recently:

To keep them from going too kitsch, I chose those black paper drum shades, which are just insanely chic!!! Those were purchased at Just Shades. It's one of my favorite lampshade sources, pairing a modern shade with such a cra cra lamp, it becomes more artful. A western style shade would've been too theme-y and same same. Contrast is always interesting!

Here's where the lights ended up:

I MEAN!!!???

Yes, that's a vintage velvet NYC skyline painting that is just slaying us ALL, but how amazing do these bad boys look in place?!? Note the cord covers are painted out to match the wall color. That's a quick/cheap trick that makes such a huge difference-- no one likes looking at cord dangles, esp. when you've got such cuties lighting up your wall!!! Those are available at places like Home Depot, Lowe's, etc...make sure you get the 'paintable' variety...

So, the next time y'all are on the lookout for some lighting, think about choosing something unexpected and fun. Maybe even quirky!?! Lighting is a great way to make a strong style statement that can really reflect who you are! Plus, if you ever grow tired of the look, it's an easy change...unexpected, fun and easy...just the kind of decorating that makes me happy!!!