Grandma or Glam?

It's no secret that I troll Craigslist for treasure...this lady was a recent find:

Some might argue that this wicker woman is just way too Grand-ma-ma, but I'm swearing by all things curlique that she's just full-on in your face, Glam!

She's just so quirky and one-of-a-kind...and just shut the FU$K you that she's a settee! That alone makes her a no-brainer. Settees, chaise lounges, some daybeds and benches are amazing pieces to have in your space b/c they're unique and versatile. We use a repurposed hospital bed as our sofa and LOVE IT!

Also, in lieu of-- or in addition to armchairs-- a killer settee makes for an awesome seating arrangement when grouped with a more typical sofa. Like I did here with this gorgeousness...the scooter in the background isn't part of the design y'all-- this space clearly isn't finished yet:

Next time y'all just so happen to stumble upon a settee that's slayin' you with style, scoop it up! Your life will be complete: TRUST!