The M has landed!

Close up shot of large neon custom made sign for ad agency

6' x 6' lucite neon sign realness up in this Soho ad agency office, biotch!!! And, yes, that's six feet by six feet! i mean

M neon logo sign at entryway to office

See, y'all, my client, Mekanism, asked me for something, "dramatic" for their entryway. Their logo is a block-style M with hits of white and blue.


And obvi, they have an amazing sense of humor and aren't afraid of having FUN in BIG WAYS! Cra Cra!

Shout out to the amazing team at Let There Be Neon who hooked it UP!

Aside from the scale and the neon, I LOVE how it's see-thru sculpture in this open-layout loft. So, we're not blocking light with this full-sized gal...and everyone, no matter where they're seated, can enjoy this baby from all sides! 'Liscious!!!