Style SH*ITSHOW at HomeGoods!

Y'all, Dyl and I popped into our local HomeGoods recently to nab some fun & hopefully o.t.t. accessories for the final installation of a clients' office...witness what went down: Image of green ceramic garden seat from HomeGoods

And then these:

Standing all at attention and shiot, DEMANDING to be made into lamps! Hmmm, k! This:

'Cause biotch y'all know you've been searching all over God's green for the bright yellow Tuscan urn to match your baby's new shoes! #babyshoeurn! Oh, and then this betch, who thought she was all cute and stuff up on the her shelf and flew right into our shopping cart:


Hims Horses:

These shiny whores:

Then shiot got really REAL here with this and time stood still:

Stalagmite lamp hawtness almost took down the entire venue...who ARE you people???? I got my answer, y'all:

Shut the F*%k YOU FOOT! The slaying continued:

I'd say that was a successful style slapping session provided by our friends at HomeGoods...damn!