Reflecting on Sandy

Y'all, to say that Sandy was beyond a biotch is putting it mildly. This gal had BIG plans for most of the mid and northeast and for some, sadly, it seems she's still not done with her 'reveal'. Dyl and I are so blessed to have made it through safe and sound... We sit, just awestruck, at some of the images we're seeing and stories we're hearing about here in NYC as well as New Jersey and further afield --- most seeming like they're straight out of some post-apocalyptic movie, not possibly real life. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who have endured such tremendous loss and devastation. God bless. And for those of you who have the means and feel compelled to do so, here's a link to the Red Cross where you can make donations... it sure looks like they could use it, as this recovery will be massive:

Donate here y'all