Magic Mushrooms!!!

A pic of two mushroom shaped ottomans Y'all, I've had these two vintage mushroom-shaped ottomans for a while now. Love! They're quirky, small, portable and quite comfy. Problem is they're both rockin' the original fabric that they were "grown" in...heinous shag situations...that wouldn't be so bad, except I've already got a vintage shag rug in our living room...and that's just too much shag on shag action, even for me:

A close up pic of 1 of 2 mushroom ottomans

That, and one of them is full on disintegrating from the inside out...that's what happens to foam from the 60's:

A close up of 2nd mushroom shaped ottoman

Anyway, I'm giving these gals an update with new fabric! This print is going on the rotten mushroom:

A close up of the fabric being used to cover one of the mushroom ottomans

J'adore this fabric! It's kinda like a barkcloth in texture, which is great for durability. And the colors/print just style-slapped me right across the face! Hello Ikat-realness!!! The 'shroom will also get all new foam and batting...the other ottoman is going to be redone in a solid canvas, most likely some tangy shade of blue, which as soon as I get, will share. I could've easily done both in the same fabric, but didn't want them to be too matchy-matchums. Check back to see the other fabric and HOT AFTER Mushroom Makeover shots!!!