Children + White Upholstery= A MUST!

A tight shot of ottoman light colored fabric

Y'all, long gone are the days of being terrified of white upholstery. Especially those of y'all who have little ones. YES!!! I'm working with a client who has two boys, both under the age of 10. We recently got this luscious ottoman for her living room:

A pic of a large light upholstered ottoman for PJ Mehaffey's client

Damn! Are we absolutely cra cra, y'all ask? Well, yes, generally speaking, but before you get all manic panic contemplating how anyone would make such an insane choice for their living room-- AND put that bad boy dead center for all the world to kick back on, get a load of this:

A close up shot of Scotchgard Fabric protectant

To all those parents and others prejudice to white upholstery, may I introduce y'all to your new BFF, Scotchgard for Fabric protector spray.

This fabric protector has actually been around for a while, so this isn't anything new, but I just wanted to share. Also, it seems everyone is gearing up for Holiday parties, so do y'all-selves a favor and get a can of this protector and follow the easy application steps on the can. Whether or not you are in the market for any light colored upholstered pieces or you already own items that currently hide under towels, blankets, etc for fear of them being stained-- this will be the BEST $10 you've spent in a long time. It goes on clear, dries in minutes and does wonders for protecting fabric and upholstered pieces. So, for those of y'all out there who LOVE white/light colored furniture, and have always been too afraid of spills and stains to own any-- ESP folks with children-- go forth my friends and buy with confidence!

An alternate view of light colored ottoman for client