The stripping has begun!!!

Y'all, I've started to strip the nasty finish off my new bed frame that I scored last week while out Thrift Whoring...check it:


I'm using a liquid paint & finish remover called, Zip Strip, which is probably highly toxic beyond belief, but damn it sure does eat that brown finish right off...look:


I'm brushing the liquid on with a craft brush, letting it set a bit, then wiping off with an old rag. I've had to repeat this process a couple times in certain spots, but it's really easy:


Y'all can see the stainless steel showing through! There's some blemishes here and there in the steel, but y'all know we're all a little imperfect and I think it adds even more character! Imagine how chic this is going to look when totally finished? And remember, this frame cost me $20!!! After its all been stripped, I will seal it with butcher's wax or a matte polyurethane to prevent rusting...stay tuned, y'all!!!