It's time...Thrift Whores...

For some HOT Before and After action up in this 'dazzle, what...THRIFT WHORE THURSDAY!?!This thrift store armoire was scored for a client while out whoring weeks ago:

An image of an armoire from the Salvation Army

Don't be shy babydoll, we need to see the goods:

Interior pic of a thrift store armoire

Here's where we are today:

AFTER shot of the thrift store armoire


Another AFTER shot of the thrift store armoire

YES, y'all! This armoire has been totally tricked out: new paint job, drawers lined in pink felt, custom mirror added to the inside back topped off with some interior lighting chic-ness!

A pic of the interior of the repurposed armoire into bar

A close up shot of drawers lined in pink felt

Birdseye view of armoire turned into bar

The client is just thrilled beyond belief with how this turned out and so am I...just goes to show y'all what some good honest thrift whoring can do for your lives...happy whoring!