Sidewalks of Style...

Another reason why I love this town:A pic of a chair from Crate & Barrel on the curb in NYC

For a Style Scavenger like me, a simple stroll down the street can be an adventure...and in a town like NYC, where most folks just deposit unwanted items right on the's like finding treasure without having to do much digging! And let's be honest here y'all, sometimes you just don't want to have to work for your style. This chair has clean lines, even though she's a bit of 'big gal'... and she's probably harmless, but I tend to avoid curbside cast-off upholstered pieces b/c Lord only knows what kind of party is raging under that fabric! Though, I have scooped up some winners-- my sofa was rescued from an East Village street, but she got completely rehabbed...bless her! Always scavenge with caution! Anyway, my favorite thing about this chair...the sign: A pic of a sign in the seat of the Crate & Barrel chair

I love that some thoughtful soul took the time to type up a sign for their chair! And even better looks as though that sign has actually been sat on! Genius! Oh, just another afternoon in NYC...I'm going to the dry cleaners and oh, wait, let me try out this free chair...I've been needing something for the living room...y'all some of the best things in life really ARE free!