Y'all, here's a HOT tip...repetition makes for one stylish space, if done in the right way. No, this isn't some ancient technique passed down by the decorators of's really current and makes a huge impact in a space...what is it? This:Black and White toile patterned bedroom designed by Anthony Baratta designs

By taking a pattern, whether it be a wallpaper or fabric and repeating it on multiple surfaces in one space, you get repetition (this also applies to well-edited collections/collectibles, btw). Sometimes you also get a massive migraine too but there's pills for that...ingest, y'all! This treatment can be a chic way to really amp up the glamour and drama in a space, particularly one that's smaller or has peculiar architecture, like an dormer room. I know it seems counterproductive to completely envelope a tee-niny room in a cra cra pattern, but when executed well, the endless repetition, tends to erase the physical structure & boundaries of the room, so you're left with a seemingly vast expanse of space. Are y'all keeping up?

I use repetition a lot in my work, but have never gone full-on immersion like the above genius example...until now. Our bathroom is a cute spot and will make the perfect place to have a pattern blow out! YES! Here's what it looks like: A photo of bathroom wall that will be painted in a fun pattern seen in shower curtain I have this amazing shower curtain that I scored from Urban Outfitters, that sadly enough, is no longer available on their website: A pic of the bird patterned shower curtain So since I can't buy more shower curtains to use as fabric for the wall treatment (which depending upon the specific application, isn't a practical thing in a bathroom anyway)...I'll be painting this pattern, by hand! Uh huh, I'm an absolute d.i.y. dork that way and I enjoy self-torture! But, since it's so organic and hand drawn-looking as it is-- I feel confident that I can re-create it, even if it's not perfect. I'm also going to play with scale of the pattern, just to give it more dimension when it's on the walls...and since I have existing tile work partly covering every wall, I don't have to paint as much...holla! If y'all were to tackle a similar project, remember you don't have to go to such extreme lengths by hand painting a pattern b/c there's a ton of fabrics that are also available as wallpapers or some fabrics can be used with spray starch and made into wallpapers as well...check out my former co-worker and friend, Kristin Appenbrink's post about it on Real Simple's Simply Stated blog, here. And check back soon for progress posts on this project! You're forewarned-- It may take a minute, y'all!