Yarning Off!

Y’all, when it comes to collecting, I’ve been known to get a little--- shall we say, passionate?—about certain things.Group shot of three different collections in PJ Mehaffey's apartment

Landscape paintings. Globes. Dansk candleholders. And for the past year or so, I’ve taken to yarn art. Yes!

Y’all know what I’m talking about, right? The often heinous, straight-out-of-the-sixties-and- seventies wall art & throw pillows, like this: A pic of yarn art featuring daisies on olive green linen background framed in teak.

Yellow and orange flowered yarn art on black backgrounds in PJ Mehaffey's apt Pic of two floral yarn artwork in PJ Mehaffey's apt A pic of another yarn artwork collected by PJ Mehaffey

Besides just making me happy, this kitschy goodness is great b/c it’s usually really cheap and most importantly, it’s handmade. Knowing that someone, somewhere put a lot of love and attention into making it, puts an even cheesier smile on my face. And y’all KNOW I love me some cheese! PJ Mehaffey is backslapped by cheese Fondue in an amazing Parisian restaurant Also, most of the pieces I’ve collected have a real graphic quality and since they’re made with yarn on linen or other fabric, they’re textural. This adds a fun dimension when layered with other artwork on a wallscape. A pic of yarn artwork featuring a large red flower on a yellow linen background in a gold frame

Recently, on a thrift store trolling session I was backslapped by these two lovely ladies: A white-framed yarn art piece of wicker chairs on a linen green background A wonderfully happy green and yellow yarn art bouquet atop a yellow linen background

I don’t normally spend this much on yarn art, $55 & $45 respectively, but before I could even think twice about it, these gals jumped off the wall and landed in my shopping cart! (Don’t y’all just HATE that when that happens? WTF, Gals?!) But since this was a charity thrift store, this was a win-win for all of us!

And this goodness isn’t just limited to walls…check out these amazing pillows I’ve gathered: Delectable! Amazing pink, yellow and red floral yarn art pillow on a green striped chair A pic of a blue and green embroidered pillow on a green striped chair Colorful patchwork-embroidered pillow on PJ Mehaffey's sofa

Now, y’all aren’t seeing things, some of this lusciousness I’m sharing is technically more embroidery, than yarn art, but it’s a thin enough line, or thread, in my opinion. And who the hell am I to suddenly get all tech-y on y’all? With that said, I’ve rounded up some treats of all thread-y types from the marketplace. Now go get your yarn on!

A round up of yarn products from Etsy, Jonathan Adler and August Morgan

Mod Love Pillow by Jonathan Adler, $175

Pitcher of flowers by MerryMayFarm on Etsy, $12

1960s Rooster Picture Home Made by Stirlings on Etsy, $19.99

Sunny Day Needlepoint Vintage Picture on Linen by Bethanyg13 on Etsy, $15

Bargello Chevron Pillow by Jonathan Adler, $175

Keep Calm and Carry Yarn poster by JennieGee on Etsy, $20

Yarn Wreath Handmade Front Door- Orange and Cream, 12 in. by ItzFitz on Etsy, $40

Crewel Cat Pillow by August Morgan, $200

Dolly Parton Yarn Art by BrandyLynnAndPaul on Etsy, $200