Bonjour, Blog-A-Dazzle!

PJ's Blog-A-Dazzle goes to Paris Y’all, I’ve just been backslapped by Paris!

A couple weeks ago, Dyl and I crossed the Atlantic for my first ever tour of La Ville-Lumiere (The City of Light), with an additional stop in England. Paris is extraordinary for many reasons, but naturally what took me there was the architecture and the shopping! Everywhere I looked it was cute upon cute, beginning with our insane hotel room in Montmarte:

Interior shot of toile upholstered walls inside Paris hotel room

Uh huh, they were! And just shut the $&ck you view out of our hotel room window!

Paris hotel room view of Eiffel Tower

I’m not done yet, y’all…this stuff was so cute I had to put it in a collage!

Collage of images from our trip to Paris

But wait, there’s even more! Two shops came highly recommended by two highly-stylish friends—Holla, Lili & James!!— Le Bon Marche and Merci.

Le Bon Marche was like a giant emporium of chic. Not only was the merchandise beyond gorge, but the store layout and design was insane. Look at this shiot!

Shot of furniture showroom inside Le Bon Marche in Paris

These light fixtures in the kitchen dept are made from strainers…yes, I wrote strainers…

A large chandelier made up of repurposed strainers

This? Oh, y’all know, just two chandeliers made from whisks…that’s all…

Large chandeliers made out of whisks inside Le Bon Marche

Look at how these everyday items— a dish towel, ceramic travel mugs, serving bowls--- are elevated to art status by the way in which they're merchandized…what a splendid way to approach our own everyday items at home…play with arranging them by color on a clean white surface, or wall…

Yellow and white kitchen products graphically merchandized

Merci was another experience in backslappery! From the moment you discover the entrance to the place— marked by a miniature red car brimming with colorful plastic shipping crates--- you’re just assaulted by style, in the BEST way, of course!

The emphasis here is on wonderful, utilitarian items peppered with stunning repurposed pieces all blended to luxurious perfection. Like this custom steel and plastic crate console:

Repurposed plastic crates and steel console in Merci

When I practically ruin a picture serving awkward face, y’all know it’s gotta be intense… And this marble topped, steel cabinet is to blame!

Vintage marble and steel cabinet found in Merci

But don’t fret, Dazzlers, I got my groove back when I was slain by the spirit of style with these repurposed doors made into cabinets…

Old doors repurposed into wall cabinets inside Merci

Only to be struck down by this light fixture:

Repurposed jingle bells as light fixture inside Merci

Speaking of lights, everywhere I turned, I was backslapped by something more extraordinary:

Dramatic black beaded chandelier inside Merci

Industrial style light fixture displays inside Merci

Completely spent, yet soldiering on in the name of style—like I always do, no matter the circumstance, the country, the hangry-- I took a Carrie Bradshaw moment in Merci and "couldn't help by wonder..."

PJ Mehaffey posing in front of dining table inside Merci

Y'all, I'd always heard Paris was all kinds of bounty beautiful, but I never expected to be taken there as much as I was...and we hardly scratched the surface of the drama glam being slung around. I returned not only five pounds heavier, but truly inspired with tons of decorating and style ideas. So, y'all, when you travel, remember that you can get slain by the spirit of style when you least expect it. And isn't that what great travel is really all about? Oui, indeed!