Home Goods Glam!!!

Y'all I've just been backslapped by Home Goods! I've always known there could be all kinds of cuteness to be had at the ole Home, but I was just taken there again by all kinds of glamour when I stopped in recently. How much do y'all want these super-cute Kate Spade plates?

And y'all know WHATEVER you serve on this striped platter will look great, even if it actually tastes like skank:

These goodies range in price from $9.99 for the appetizer & solid band rim plates, $12.00 for stripped & polka dot plates & $39 for the stripped platter...gorg! Oh, But wait y'all, there's more!! Check out this garden gnome? Shut the $&ck you, Home Goods! Are y'all serious?

And this owl ceramic stool/side table, um, yes please!

These cuties could be considered too kitschy, but since they're done in all-white ceramic, they're just this side of class & could make for the right touch of whimsy in almost any space! I said whimsy! Speaking of class, Home Goods is also serving us this sassy number:

So y'all, if you're itching to add some affordable glam to your spaces for the new year, take yourselves to Home Goods now! They're dishing out huge heaps of style and I know y'all are hungry!! Meow!!!