Gettin' my thrift on!

Y'all one of my ABSOLUTE favorite things to do is hit the thrift stores for treasures! And no time is more perfect for hunting than over the holidays, especially when my holiday travels take me to exotic destinations, such as Birmingham, AL! Birm-a-dazzle, y'all! In general, when thrifting, you never know what you'll find, but it's even more unpredictable when you shop in stores in a town that you're visiting. In these scenarios, it's that much more thrilling b/c you have no way of knowing which stores will yield amazing bounty. So, all this uncharted territory makes for some incredible finds. Take these items pictured here, scored at the Goodwill

All of these things I picked up primarily for use on prop styling gigs, but I'll put that super-cute recipe binder to good use right away, especially since it cost me all of sixty-five cents!! Oh bargain Holla!! And that little metal black tray (which is part of a set of three) will take me there as a seventy-five cents triptych in our kitchen!!! So, y'all, don't forget no matter where your travels take you, there's plenty of bargain treasures to be had at the thrift stores!