These Boots are made for...PAINTING???

Y'all I recently took my fav pair of vintage cowboy boots in to be resoled. Cobbler friend turnt the new soles ALL KINDS of out, but sadly & inexplicably also stripped out the red color from the inset design like so:



That yellow-y looking swirly curly situ used to be radiant red y'all, which this whole time I presumed was leather, like the rest of the boots, but apparently it wasn't & somebody at my cobbler wasn't having it & promptly removed it...😒😒😒 ...leaving this weird, yellow pillow brushed with red fleck moment:


Though kinda hard to tell, the swirly curlies are actually the wings of an eagle, which is a fab design detail of these boots...or should I say, "was" a fab design detail...




I mean: WHY? Cobbler had no explanation for his creative reinterpretation of my boots...but these eagles would no longer be taking flight after this...


But, though a bit of a bummer, these boots aren't a lost cause y'all-- no, no! Assessing the scene more closely revealed to me that the yellowed inset swirls were actually some sort of FABRIC (maybe felt?) that had either been coated or treated (w/red vinyl?) some time ago. Well, it just so happens that yours truly is no stranger to painting fabric. YASSSSS! So that's exactly what I did! Here's what you'll need:


-acrylic paint in your preferred color

-a textile medium such as delta creative 

-small vessel & spoon, etc


Mix two parts of your paint and one part of your textile medium. Then paint. Seriously y'all-- it's THAT easy!

Now, there certainly IS specific fabric paint, etc available in the market already made for this type of project, but I took this approach b/c I have a substantial leftover paint hoard from other past projects. Also I once painted an entire sofa b/c there wasn't any $$$ in the budget for reupholstering & it was such a fun/cool way to transform furniture using paint...(see that PJDIY write up here ) and in the effort of using what you have on hand, I went to town with my boots...

Anyway, I also got type A and painted the eagles' faded yellow 'tail' feathers too... here's some progress shots of these bad azz boots BORN AGAIN:

And peep ALL THIS hawtness:

Yeeehaw y'all!