The little tear that could...

Y'all I thrifted this amazing vintage wool plaid throw blanket recently, but it had a sizable tear along the #notfazed by fact, I decided to make that tear a feature by mending it with NEON GREEN yarn! Holla...WHAT?!


Amaaaze! How awesome is that? Granted this is like #basicbetch stitch 101 here, but I think it turned out great and was so easy to do...I bought a pack of darn needles from Michaels along with some yarn:

Yarn Darners Y'all!

Yarn Darners Y'all!

 Threaded the needle, like you do and just did a simple stitch starting from the top of the tear to the bottom...Oh and I sat on this fabulous green striped chair the whole time too and it was just DIVINE...

So, next time you encounter a tear or some such, remember y'all can turn that tear into a chic style triumph!!! GET IT!