Free Shiot Friday: FREE HOUSE!

Well, Shut the F&$K YOU! A FREE HOUSE is pretty much the end all/be all of my Free Shiot Friday posts. I mean...WHAT?!:

Full style slapping, full on about my entire face!!!! This Old House June 2014 mag has TAKEN US THERE with this!!! Can any one of my Ohio family (or friends) please go get this house? Seriously? Or, for that matter, anyone on the interwebs who sees this post and wants a fabulous house, FOR FREE, please go get this!!!!???? I am BEYOND that houses like this firstly-- are ever just "left vacant" to begin with and secondly-- are available for FREE. The shiot is 5,561 s.f. with 4 bedrooms and 5 baths! It needs "significant repairs and updates" and the bank whose giving away the keys to this freebie Queen Anne will only do so if y'all have a serious game plan and serious cash to WERK THIS HOUSE OUT!!! To sweeten the deal, I will donate my mad decorating skillz to any one of my friends or family who hop on this FREE SHIOT FRIDAY HOUSE REALNESS! Go grab it UP, Hunty's and let's fulfill your Queen Anne DREAMZZZ!