Wrap it UP!

Y'all, sometimes a fab pair of lamps just land in your life! Like these Restoration Hardware sconces I scored for a clients' bedroom, I mean:

I think we snagged these polished nickel princesses for something like, $125 for the pair...which isn't full-on VALUE BEYOND BELIEF, or anything, but the chic black linen shades came with and overall they were in excellent condition. Plus, they plug in, which was a necessity for this particular project b/c Betch Budget wasn't having any kind of hardwiring of electrical. So I got my light source for the dressing area and the client didn't have to worry about costly wiring/electrical light installation drama. Win win-- except for the ugly cords dangling off the sconces. Like most plug-in wall sconces, there's about 24" of electric cord channel/cover running off the fixture, like so:

This isn't normally such a bad thing since most folks hang this style of sconce above a bed or sofa and the remaining dangle is hidden from view. But y'all know that's not how I roll. or Hang. Oh SHIOT-- COMEDY GOLD! These gals needed to put off more light for dressing area and they just made more of a statement, in tandem with the other elements, when hung higher on the wall. Rather than worry about hiding those heinous cords with some janky solution, I decided to highlight them, by wrapping them in silk cording! WHAT?! YES Y'all-- IT DOES GET MORE HIGH MAINTENANCE-- LOOK!

In the pic above, I wrapped about 9" of electrical cord in pink satin from where the metal cord channel ends. It's lookin' HAWT! Here's how I did it:

**Start where the electric cord exits lamp base-- usually at the end of the cord channel-- and dab a pea-sized amount of hot glue or fabric glue (even wood glue-- yes, y'all know this Betch forgot my glue gun the second day and had to employ wood glue for the other lamp!) on the electric cord.

**Press one end of satin cord, or whatever cording/twine/ribbon into glue. Now, holding the glued satin cord in place on the glue spot, begin to wrap satin cord around and around the electrical cord, leaving NO SPACES in between the 'wraps'...make sense?

**Eventually you can let go of the starter glue spot and use your other hand to help guide the wrapping around electric cord. You will need both hands (and if available, hands of willing friends) to help untangle and guide the remaining satin cord to you for easier wrapping.

**Once you've reached the end/electric cord plug, place another dab of pea-sized glue on electric cord and gently press the satin cord in place. Trim off excess satin cord, if necessary.

And then look what you get:

Ok, y'all that pic is slightly horrid but you get what's happening...here's another shot of just the cord...

It's definitely a subtle detail, but I think it's cool...gives that cloth-covered wire look. This same process could also work on regular table (or task, etc) lamps...now get to wrapping!