Aw, guess what TODAY is?

Y'all, it's Thrift Whore Thursday!!! YUMMY! Look at this menu at one of my favorite sandwich shops in Williamsburg Brooklyn: A pic of a menu at a local deli counter in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

A touch difficult to read, but the name of one of the sandwiches on offer is, "My Girlfriend is a Whore"-- how sweet is that, y'all?

Speaking of Salvation Army is serving all kinds of goodies for us thrift whores:

A pic of a statue of a dog driving a car

The conundrum continues...

A pic of a 'cask of ale' lamp from thrift store

I just found a fix for that sad pooch above that should cheer him right up:

A pic of a fancy doggie bed at the thrift store

Either way, y'all...chaise chic! Oh SHIOT-- I HAD to!

Damn-- someone unleashed an entire set of scrumptious here:

A pic of midcentury chrome and oak dining chairs from thrift store

Slap some dark stain on that heinous oak trim and reupholster those chair seats & backs with some funky fabric and just shut the FU&% you already!

Oh and don't think I didn't notice the leather ottoman serving sass near the chair set:

When she gets reupholstered, she'll be running your life! The silhouette:

A pic of a midcentury sofa from a thrift store

Consider y'all-selves sufficiently served! Happy Whoring, y'all!