Desperately Seeking Stainless...

Y'all, I'm forever on the hunt for some thing. Whether it's for a prop styling gig or an interiors project for a client or, for my own projects. Usually, it's an item that doesn't exist (I dreamt it up, I guess?) or isn't readily available (mass market) or is out of stock or is custom. One day I just want to open up a store that carries ALL the shiot that I'm endlessly searching for...a one-stop shop, where everything's in stock and it's all available. All the time. My current search was for a restaurant supply table for my clients kitchen. Y'all know these tables, right?

A pic of a standard restaurant prep table

They're mainly used as prep tables in restaurant kitchens-- stainless steel, about counter height, with one shelf below that's adjustable.

Challenge: I needed one that my client could actually sit at. Exactly like this:

A shot of a stainless steel restaurant table with an 'open base'

Search-a-thon was on for open base biotch! Let it be known, that we have a killer restaurant supply district in NYC, where naturally I went first to try and find this table. And naturally, no one seemed to know what in hell I was talking about. In fact, I went as far as texting the above open base example image to one lady who promptly told me that type of table doesn't exist, or well...then, it's...custom! Well, custom shut the FU$% you! Guess who found that table after all???

A screen shot of open base restaurant prep table for sale online

Holla! The exact table in the exact dimensions I need-- all for roughly $338 bucks!!! VALUE! The Web Restaurant Store has taken me there! Click here to get this table or something similar for your own projects...this place has an awesome selection of all kinds of chic restaurant supply furniture--- all under one 'roof'... available all the time...with a simple click of a mouse!!! Yummy!