Secrets of a Genius

Stylist Emily Henderson By far, one of the BEST shows on offer at HGTV is Secrets of a Stylist. Hosted by design star winner and stylist Emily Henderson, this show should not be missed! Obvi, I'm slightly biased b/c, like Emily, I too am a stylist with secrets, but more importantly, this girl just kicks ass! She's so smart, savvy, sophisticated and has such a wonderfully refreshing self-deprecating humor, you can't help but love her! Upon being born, the girl was just slapped with chic-- that's all there is to it-- bless her! Her designs are consistently phenom...I'm constantly slain by style every episode! For some bizarre and seemingly random reason, the show airs every Wed at 9:00 AM, at least according to HGTV's website, b/c you know, that's when most of the world is up and at 'em trying to get their design show fix on, but whatever...find your local listing of this show and watch, watch, watch! And if you're not home at that hour, by all means fire up that DVR!