Repeat Progress Report

Earlier this week I'd posted about repetition of pattern and how I was going to apply this technique in my own bathroom, gettin' all kinds of D.I.Y.-dirty on y''s the pattern I'm working from:A pic of the bird patterned shower curtain

Here's what bathroom looked like: A photo of bathroom wall that will be painted in a fun pattern seen in shower curtain

Here's where it's at now: A pic of the bathroom after being painted in stylized pattern


Obvi, I decided to play with scale here, so my bird cages are a lot LARGER. I also deliberately left the birds out for fear of it going way too juvenile and I think this really works. Plus, this makes it much more conceptual, overall, since me and Dyl are now the 'birds' in these larger than life cages...and who doesn't like to get some cage play once in a while?! Chirp! Chirp!

I'm doing all this painting by hand and though exhausting, it's also fun b/c the pattern has a real line drawn/illustrated quality about it, so I can't really make any mistakes...well, I can and have, but they're easily corrected. Basically, it doesn't have to look's interpretive of the original and it's super-quirky! My plan is to paint the other three walls in the same way, so check back for more progress updates and more detailed how-to action!