Cheap chic served at Target!

En route to a beach housewarming party, Dyl and I put on our big girl panties to brave Target Atlantic Center on a Saturday. Which for those of y'all who've experienced this firsthand, you know I speak the truth...this isn't just some 'Dynasty' tv show drama...this is full on Tar-ghetto at its finest, y'all! Well, well, imagine my joy upon seeing this graphic greet us at the door:


Awww, that's a puppy after my own value-driven heart...y'all know biotch loves a bargain! And lo and behold, we found these wicker wrapped glasses on clearance that were just too cute to pass up, ruff ruff!


Have y'all ever beheld so much joy? That's not a glare from the glasses, oh no...that's bargain shining through!! HOT! And at $4.18 a pop, our new homeowner will have the happiest AND warmest home on the block! Cheers!