Modern Anthology

Y’all don’t need me to tell you that NYC isn’t hurting for chic stores. That’s one of the best perks of my job is that I get paid to shop-- a lot. In doing so, I stumble upon some pretty amazing spots to get your style on. One of these is Modern Anthology. Dumbo Brooklyn storefront of Modern Anthology

Billing itself as “creative agency + retail lab”, this a double value discovery b/c in addition to the amazing store, they’re also a design firm. Genius style slap! Located in the Dumbo area of Brooklyn, this has to be one of the best stores I’ve seen in a long time. There wasn’t a single item that I wouldn’t be happy buying. From clothing & bedding to furniture & accessories, the sophisticated selection is extremely well edited, merchandised and just…well, cool. Think: hip big brother’s room that’s no longer off limits!

Store interior of Modern Anthology

Modern Anthology curated items on tabletop Wall of grooming products in Modern Anthology

Wall of framed art in Modern Anthology

The “lab” just oozes masculinity, which explains why I was drawn in to begin with—heehee-- scandal! Vintage clothing, accessories & industrial furniture pieces are seamlessly mixed with awesome new offerings. This is the place y’all come when shopping for a gift for the guy who, “already has everything”. But make no mistake, thankfully, the owners of this place are total EOA--- Equal Opportunity Aesthetes--- giving guys AND gals the perfectly curated spot for some stylish retail therapy! Well played, my friends.

Prop stylist, PJ Mehaffey poses in Modern Anthology store in Brooklyn, NY