Oh NO you didn't, Pottery Barn!

Y’all, June just seemed to jump right over me and somehow I’ve ended up in LATE July! I guess summer vacations have a way of doing that…but it’s never too late to be STYLE-slapped! Oh YES! Which is exactly what went down when leafing through the new August 2011 Pottery Barn catalog! The ‘theme’ of this issue: Design Your Dream Home, where in addition to some great new product, they’re also now offering complimentary design services. I use the word “issue” deliberately here…PB has been blurring the lines of its’ catalogs for several years now. They don’t just sell product, they offer actual content-- style & entertaining tips, gorgeously photographed rooms that are beautifully styled, paint colors used in the rooms you see. And the website is even bigger, filled with actual videos on how to do everything under the Pottery Barn sun—and y’all know how we like ourselves some videos here at Blog-a-Dazzle?!

My PB love goes way back to when, fresh out of college, I had no money whatsoever to furnish my first apartment. I spent countless hours thumbing through the Pottery Barn catalog, studying it, trying to figure out how to achieve those looks with no money. The first sofa I “designed” was actually a horrendous “hand-me-down” from my sister, that I cut up and made a slipcover for, inspired by—y’all guessed it--- a sofa I’d seen in my Pottery Barn catalog.

Me and PB have come a long way, y’all…so much so that soon y’all will get to see some of MY styling in two upcoming Pottery Barn Bed and Bath catalogs—how’s THAT for a style slap? But in the meantime, feast your eyes upon this round-up of PJ’s picks of the latest Pottery Barn chic:

PJ's Pottery Barn picks {From left to right, Griffin Rope Chandelier, $399; Grand Hotel Clock, $129; Reinforced Burlap Baskets, $49-$69; Hawkins Tool Chest Accent Table, $399; Railroad Mantel Clock, $129; Wheelbarrow Salt Cellar with Wooden Spoon, $12.50; Oversized Wooden Frame Hangers, $24; Sheffield Cart, $1499; Galvanized Floor Storage, $129; Small Spaces Wallmount Hook, $89, please see I want that! page for more details and product links}