Kitchen Cabinet-liscious! Part 1

A pic of an empty kitchen with heinous oak cabinets Y’all, one of the biggest projects off my apartment ‘Master List’ is painting our kitchen cabinets. Some poor soul, somewhere, thought golden oak cabinetry was just BEYOND glamorous. And then they went and punctuated it with bronzey-brass hinges! I just knew I was going to be greeted by a big ole shoulder pad when opening one of the cabinets for the first time! But instead of being served ‘Dynasty’, all I got was dead roaches and mouse droppings. And y’all know, that’s not the kind of drama I want coming out of my kitchen, oh no, shut the fu$% YOU! So, my first week in our place was spent scouring every inch of that kitchen beyond belief…yummy!

Fast forward to now: there’s been LOTS of drama in that kitchen and thankfully none that involve crawly-critters. I’ve begun to tackle the painting and it’s been going so well—I couldn’t be more pleased! Shot of kitchen cabinets in process of being re-painted

Shot of painted cabinet door open

Additional shot of painted kitchen cabinet

As y'all can see, I decided to go for a clean, simple and modern update by choosing white. There's also white in the "granite" countertop, so I knew I couldn't go wrong. I'm already backslapped by how great it looks and I'm not even halfway finished! The entire kitchen looks brighter and the cabinets look brand new. And y'all aren't even going to believe this, but I'm not even bothered by the brass hinges now b/c when paired with crisp white, their brass patina is chic! I said BRASS-SLAPPED! This is gettin' good, y'all...BUT WAIT, there's more! Be sure to check back-- I'll be sharing my progress as well as my step by step painting tips and tricks...tender decorating at it's finest!