Fondue is fun... fon-don't you forget it!

So, y’all, get this: for the past four years (maybe MORE), I’ve been collecting fondue pots and forks with the grand and romantic notion of hosting fabulous fondue parties. In my various thrift store tours while traveling, I’ve scored three lovely pots and several sets of forks. My fondue pot and fork collection

Gorge, right? And YES! Every single one I found is ORANGE! Now, if that’s not entertaining kismet, I don’t know what is… somebody, somewhere wanted me to fulfill my fondue dreams in a BIG, ORANGE way and I could no longer refuse the call.

So it was a couple weeks ago, that Dylan and I hosted our first, and definitely not last, Fondue party. We basically had no idea in hell what we we’re doing… which is my general method of entertaining. But after consulting with some of our more “hostess with the mostess” friends and the internet, we were bubbling over--- Ha! Ha! Hee! Hee!-- with intel.

Since we have three pots, we wanted to have three courses of foundue: cheese, oil & chocolate. That and we truly enjoy self-torture… why not thrust yourself headfirst into completely unknown territory, and invite some friends over to eat it? That’s what I call a party! We found easy recipes for not only the various courses, but also some zesty dipping sauces on We made Classic Cheese Fondue, Hot oil (don't forget the dreamy dipping sauces) and Dark Chocolate, but there’s a delightful array of more recipes & helpful tips & tidbits.

After what felt like hours of chopping and dicing and grating, we were ready to wow our guests with the unique and exotic! And I’m thrilled to share that we did just that!

Oil fondue course at our party

Just look at the sheer joy on this man’s face? I don’t think he’s ever tasted anything SO GOOD! But, WAIT, there’s more! Look at these guests here, beaming with full bellies of cheese and oil goodness? They’re positively gurgling!

Fondue party people

Oh, is that dark chocolate teasing you?

Dark chocolate fondue

IT IS! Go ahead, friends, dip a strawberry, won’t you? Indulge! This is four years in the making! Live! Eat! Double-dip!

All I can say is there was a fondue angel beaming upon us that night. Everything seemed to go off without a hitch. No one caught themselves on fire, no one got their fondue forks mixed up and ate the wrong meat--- at least accidentally! Steamy! And the fondue was actually really yummy. The wait or rather, the procrastination, was well worth it. I’ve lived & tasted my future, y’all, and it’s filled with Fondue!