Textile dreams fulfilled - the Living Room!

The time has come…for y’all to be TURNED OUT by way of Textiles!!! Close-up of left side corner window of living room

It is with absolute decorating joy that I share these living room pics of my recent Textile Turnout. As a refresher, several weeks back, I went on an adventure to update the look of my living room & salon, by switching out all the textiles. Click past the break to see the rest of the amazing living room turnout results!

Living Room BEFORE

PJ's living room AFTER

It goes without saying, but I’m totally thrilled! I love how fresh and bold my living room looks & feels! I’m also backslapped b/c even though my furniture is old, it has new energy and life with all these yummy fabrics!

Chairs reborn!Tasty new window valance fabric with twill tape curtainsNew teal canvas sofa slipcover

Naturally, I’d like to thank the Academy and my agents, but most importantly, my upholsterer, Jose Abad. Without whom, y’all, I’d just be another pretty decorator. He’s really the unsung hero in all this. So let me give him his praise. I’ve worked with Jose on many projects for the past several years and he has never disappointed. He’s super-fast, amazingly skilled and incredibly priced. If y’all need any kind of upholstery, window treatments, pillows, etc. and you’re in the NYC area, you MUST call him! He can be reached through his website here. And by all means, tell him I sent you…

Living Room screen before

Living Room screen after

Be sure to check back soon for the salon turnout!

Living room textiles turned out