Textile Turnout Part Deux: The Salon!

What, y’all don’t have a salon in your house?! No, not where y'all get your cut, color & mani-pedi’s! No, No. This is the room- at least in our house- where lots of creative musings manifest: our wall of books, our desk, my prop closet. It’s also got the sweetest sitting area, for all that salon ‘conversation’ that goes on. Like our lengthy & informed discussions on Pillow Pet being a pillow AND our pet! Amazing!Yet despite all the dynamic creative activity in this one space, it too needs a Textile Turnout! Here’s what’s going down:

Fabric swatches for salon turnout

My Founding Fabric? This wonder from Waverly: A Waverly graphic floral fabric with black, yellow and gray It’s a current pattern but has a real retro vibe. And even though it’s technically a floral, it’s so graphic. Dare I say it’s almost masculine? Oh, yes, I dare, y’all! And the colors are just backslapping me! Unlike the vintage Toile Founding Fabric for the living room, which I made into valances, I’ll be making this into throw pillows with solid black piping. I could’ve easily made window treatments out of this as well, but since the two rooms open onto one another, I thought I’d mix it up a bit. Plus, the pillows will be a great way to lead the eye around the room, to take in all the other textile-liciousness that I’m bringing in.

Like this wonderful trellis pattern (also by Waverly) that’s being made into curtains AND matching valances! A Waverly graphic trellis fabric in gray and off-white

I’m trimming them in yellow, a color that I’m pulling right out of my Founding Fabric. A bright, cheerful yellow linen

Can y’all just indulge me in a huge southern shout-out to Waverly! They just know how to SERVE IT, y’all! What I love most is that they have a massive assortment of fabrics in every possible style & material imaginable and in every color way imaginable. Even better, is that once you find a fabric you like, chances are they’ve done a coordinating fabric in a different pattern and/or material, but in the same color family. This basically translates into stress-less fabric selection, b/c a lot of the matching and coordinating are already done for you. For those folks who are terrified by choosing fabrics and mixing patterns, Waverly will fulfill your dreams & wallets! YES! All this & they’re super-affordable too!! Just don’t go too overboard— as much as I clearly love me some Waverly, you don’t want your room to look like their showroom! Everything in moderation… yes, even when decorating, dollbabies!!!

Speaking of moderation…this incredible zigzag will adorn the window screen room divider. Amazing yellow zigzag and white fabric Yes, y’all, I have two rooms with old windows re-purposed as room dividers! Which, admittedly, is a bit excessive, but the original idea behind them was they’d one day live as one large room divider in the appropriately sized room. Since that’s yet to happen, I’ve got them serving drama in two rooms, which, is just double value, as far as I’m concerned. And it allows me the opportunity to have another item to adorn! Now, that’s what I call moderation…oh, shut the &!ck you!

And with that, my Textile Turnout is complete…and therefore my destiny, since the two are connected! But, don’t panic, I’ll be posting ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots, so y’all will get to see all this hot finished fabric action, firsthand.

Remember y'all, if you want sources for any of the yummy fabrics in this post, check the I want that! page for details.