Thrift Whore Thursday

Thrift Score Styleslappery!

Thrift Score Styleslappery!

Some thrift store scores that STYLESLAPPED me!

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Commence Thrift Whore Thursday!

Commence Thrift Whore Thursday!

I spy some yummy brass drawer pulls & other treats in today's thrift whore Thursday post...

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It's Thrift Whore Thursday-- have y'all been naughty or nice?

It's Thrift Whore Thursday-- have y'all been naughty or nice?

It's Thursday and this Thrift Whore has been naughty...

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It's Thursday...and THAT Means...

Thrift Whoring has gone down, in a BIG WAY, y'all! Here's a round-up of the latest 'liscous from my recent troll:

Wedgewood, Limoges, Italian rock crystal and shut the F&$K YOU ironstone transferware!?! Y'all won't believe what all this YUMMY set me back?

$24.87 VALUE DOLLARS! Salvation Army made me a satisfied thrift whore to-day! What's your latest score?! And YES, I do want all the steamy PICS!

Gobble up Thrift Whores!

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! I'm SO thankful that I'm a Thrift Whore, that it's's Thanksgiving and I've found all kinds of thrifting bounty I've shared this year! Here's another major score:


Such the side table cuteness, with her clean lines, shelf, and these wood inset designs:


Then these brass drawer pulls that just style-slapped us all quickly about the face...well shiot!:


And here's where it gets REALLY good...this chic lady only cost $3.99!!!!! YES! So y'all know that Betch got scooped right up and slung over my shoulder...Happy Thanksgiving & happy thrift whoring!!!

Thrift Whore Thursday Pictorial


Yes, that's $7.99 for a vintage, marble-topped side table. Tag also reads, 'Must Go Today'...well, I can certainly help with that:


We came. We conquered. We Thrift Whore'd.

Thrift Whore Thursday-- Twerk Time!!!

Shake yo butt up & down, side to side, Betches, 'cause today 's Thrift Whore Thursday is 'bout to go off!:




Confused? What y'all are looking at is a gilded entertainment center from back in the day when they knew how-to make an entertainment center! You've got built-in's for dayzzzz, like this record player shiot:


And these compartments for your album collection:


And y'all see that mirrored panel? That whore just so happens to lift up, holding one of the chic-est bars on earth! WHAT?!? Oops, guess I didn't snap a pic of that, but TRUST it was Shut-the-FU$K you amazing!! There's also two speakers tucked behind the compartment doors on both ends that look like this:


This shiot is SLAYING me-- and for only $200, it could be in y'all's living room SLAYING you too!!! Get on it! Happy whoring!!! And Twerking!

Thrift Whore Thursday

Y'all, the Brooklyn Heights Housing Works WERKED me over recently when I stopped in for a Thrift Whore session. Look at all this sensual candy: A pic of an ornate, Rococo style sofa at Housing Works

Imagine that gumdrop reupholstered in some fab fabric, like a graphic plaid or geometric, then the wood trim all turned out bright white, or in an accent color lifted right out of your fabric? Dripping gorgeousness!

If y'all haven't saddled up for a ride atop the brass train yet, go ahead and spread, 'cause it's BACK in full effect-- as far as home decor goes! And not the chintzy, cheap variety...I'm talking about 100% real deal brassness...lucky for us whores, I see it ALL THE TIME at thrift stores, like these babies:

A pic of brass pinch bowls and shot glasses at thrift store

Those little bits and bots of brass are perf for those of you out there who aren't convinced that this home decor moment is really upon us...they're small, really inexpensive and will pizazz-ify y'all's shelves, mantles or coffee/end tables. Go brass or bust!

These busts kinda stopped me mid-skip in the store...I'm intrigued, slightly creeped out-- in a good way-- so naturally they worth sharing:

A pic of wooden statues in thrift store

I would probably rock those out by painting them all white or the same color, like hot pink-- gasp wood-o-philes & art snobs-- it would totally modernize and take the hibee geebs out of 'em, right?

These lil guys just winked at me and are giving us full-on toe play...yummy:

A pic of black leather boots at thrift store

I don't often bother with fashion while whoring...but c'mon, black COWBOY boots??? Y'all know you want them-- in your MOUTH!

Aren't these ladies just like Precious Moments statues?

A pic of one armchair at thrift store

A pic of the other armchair at thrift store

They just need to be good and worked over, like most of us thrift whores! Lose those skirts and swaddle them in new amazing fabrics, ahhhh, they'll be LIVING in yo house!!! Their curvy silhouettes are giving us ALL BODY, ALL THE TIME!

This one here, style slapped me full on when I rounded the corner!:

A pic of a side table with stone base and glass top

But y'all know it's the kind of sting we thoroughly enjoy-- and SEEK OUT! More curves, round and stone-- YES! I always encourage my clients to go for the round (or oval) when selecting end tables, coffee tables, even dining tables...learned this trick from Tae...hey Tae...round is obvi feminine, it helps to break up all the masculine lines that most spaces are full of and it's easier to navigate around...keeps the energy flowing in a space.

But then again, so does this bamboo beaut:

A pic of a bamboo rocking chair at thrift store

What would she do to y'all's lives if she were painted an awesome parrot-green? You'd constantly be RIDING HER-- that's what!

And make no mistake about the one she's currently riding...

A pic of a wooden dresser at thrift store

Y'all can't go wrong with these types of dressers...they're unbridled work whores! Great for storage, great as entryway tables, buffet & consoles, changing tables...sometimes y'all will need to retro-fit them for your specific needs, and of course, a can of paint in a cool color and some new knob or pull action will absolutely transform this piece-- and ultimately, YOUR LIFE!

And that's really the whole point of being a thrift whore, no? Happy Whoring!

Thrift Whore Thursday: FOOD Edition

Y'all know how much a I just j'adore Thrift Whore Thursdays...and as much whoring as I do, I've seen A LOT of cra cra in these thrift stores, but I still get backslapped when I come across food! Damn!

A pic of boxed food at thrift store

A pic of pumpkin bread mix in a thrift store bin

And lest y'all forget, may I present:

A pic of a thrift store shelf with copious amounts of Fluff on shelf

But WAIT, there's more y'all:

A pic of a box of mixed grain baby food at the thrift store

I'm pretty sure mixed grains would be the last thing your baby would be getting from this box...happy whoring folks!

Thrift Whore Confessions

Y'all I stumbled upon some major thrift treasures at a Salvation Army while out whoring the other day...check this shiot:


That's full-on marble atop that sassy round side table! Then I saw the price and was style-slain:


YES, biotch, you're not seeing cost $39.99 value damn dollars!!!

And just what do I spy here, but some kinda cheesy-yet-chic Americana cookie jar?:


And not to be outdone on the cheese-o-meter, this statue presented himself for consideration:


Well, shut the FU$& y'all, how to choose? Don't...and buy them BOTH, they're so cheap! Scandal! The cookie jar I'd leave 'as-is', but statue face I'd repaint...maybe even in matte white? Or a fun & unexpected poppy color? He'd be soooo cute on a salon-style gallery wall amongst the right mix of art...speaking of, somebody shat out all kinds of tremendous 80's GIANT-ass paintings at this store, that had me choking:




Oh, but WAIT, there's more!:


These yarn art lovelies gave me shivers:




Absolutely style-slapped! This was fun too:


What a rush, y'all!!! Happy whoring AND happy Valentines Day-- hope it's filled with all kinds of hotness?!?!

Y'all, Thrift Whoring ain't cheap on Angel Street!

Some recent thrift whoring expeditions have me seeing a recent trend: charity-based thrift stores that are way overpriced! WTF? I mean, I get it...these organizations raise funds based on sales, AND their missions are generally amazing, but it's getting out of control. A lot of the prices are more in line with higher end antique shops, NOT thrift stores. A big culprit in this trend is Angel Street Thrift, located in Chelsea, Hot-n-Tight. I'm not sure which 'angel' is running the shop over there, Greedy? Delusional-ia? -- but there's some kind of madness happening regarding pricing, and it ain't cute...on a recent visit, I was hard-pressed to find ANY items priced under $50! This folk art doll dresser? Yours for only $250! I WISH that was a typo... A pic of a distressed doll dresser that sells for $250 at Angel Street Thrift

But benevolence abounds b/c y'all could just pay $50 more for a dresser you can actually use, well,'s not a FULL SIZE dresser, more like a nightstand...ahem:

Pic of a small black dresser at Angel Street thrift

A tight shot of a black dresser from Angel Street Thrift

Gets you presswood and 'lined' vintage newspaper drawers...the blessings!

A close-up pic of an open dresser drawer at Angel Thrift store

This wingback will only set y'all back $750...

A wingback chair at Angel Thrift Store

And y'all know, EVERY SINGLE ITEM that came out of the mid-20th century should immediately be high IS mid-century modern, so please charge even more money for it:

A pic of a green upholstered mid-century twin bed at Angel Street

This light can be y'all's for $2400...b/c see, it's real crystal, y'all, so you know what that means?! Cha ching!

A crystal chandelier at Angel Street Thrift

Thrift Whores don't fret! As much as I've come across places like Angel Street recently, there are tons of other thrift shops that actually make good on thrift prices. Stay vigilant, persevere and happy whoring-- you may not always score, but it'll be that much more thrilling when you do!

Thrift Whores-- our theme song!

It's a 'special sauce' kinda Thrift Whore Thursday up in here y'all...we got us a theme song! YES! Y'all know your whorin' always goes that much better when you got some kinda beat or rhythm to shake it to! Well, get ready to get your groove on to this sassy's AMAZING!:

Happy Whoring, y'all!

"The hills are alive...with the sound of thrift whores!"

Y'all there's very few things in life that compare to thrift whoring in the mountains of Tennessee!!! Prepare y'all-selves for this very special Tennessee Mountain Magic edition of Thrift Whore Thursday!!!

A pic of a black world globe in a Tennessee thrift store

A tight shot of a black world globe at a Tennessee thrift store

A tight shot of vintage jadeite syrup and salt and pepper shakers in thrift store

A tight shot of jadeite Grease jar from Tennessee thrift shop

And what to get for the person who has everything? Oh this:

Pic of weird naked ceramic football baby figurine from Tennessee thrift store

Awwww, don't y'all just LOVE the south?? Football figurines...and then this:

How AMAZING is that?!...Just about as amaaaaazing as this:

This place couldn't STOP reminding us of the season at hand...and I for one, couldn't get enough:

Fa la la la la la la..and the gifts kept on coming, y'all...looking for an easy way to decorate your table for that uber-special occasion...try this:

This baby was begging to be brought back to NYC, and trust y'all that we hashed through all the different ways to make it work, but sometimes even I have to play thrift whore hardball...

And damn if we weren't completely torn asunder by Orange-adorbs, this biotch finished the job:

Yellow mid-century molded-plastic file cabinet realness BEYOND! And I know exactly what y'all are gonna be saying when you see how much she costs:

Here's to the happiest and whore-eriest 2013 to all of us!!!

Merry Thriftmas...Whores!

Well, damn, it's been a minute since I've been able to work the streets in search of hot thrift whore action...but y'all are in for some tangy treats today! Pic of a spanish whore bust

Pic of chopin bust

Those busts are just begging for a hit of some poppy colored paint to chic them up bit...I'll take care of that, y'all...don't get up out of your seat now, fact, let me get you something to sip on, while you sit there on yo ass...and I've got just the glass...

Pic of pink juice glass set from thrift store

Pic of three ceramic urns

It's not often that I'm slain with textile offerings when out whoring, but lo and behold, this Salvation Army served me some-- all proper-like...

Pic of a bold floral vintage curtain from thrift store

If I hadn't looked closely at that little lady above, I'd have missed that she was a sweet cafe curtain just waiting to be hung in the window with care...y'all, be sure to always get all up in there in that thrift shiot and dig around-- there's gems lurking this...

Pic of another retro fabric from thrift store of trains

That fabric is choo choo chooing to become some kind of fabulous in a little boys room-- pillows? curtain? work overalls? Make IT!

Pic of a yellow blanket

Y'all, anytime I see a handmade throw, blanket, etc., in a fun color or pattern, I'm style-slapped and scoop it amazing will this bright young thing be lounging on the edge of a sofa...all textured and fringe-y??? And somebody's gran-ma-ma spent mad hours toiling over this shiot and I salute her! But wait, y'all, there's more:

Pic of a plaid wool blanket from thrift store

Pic of red wool throw from thrift store

REAL wool blankets are becoming more and more of a rarity it seems, what with all the fleece and Snuggie's runnin' rampant all over the place, so y'all can never do wrong by scooping 'em up when you see 'em...and as with ANY thrift purchases, make sure you clean your scores...all thorough-like! Happy whoring y'all-- may all your thrifting dreams be fulfilled!!!

Stripped and LOVING IT!

Commence new bedframe backslappery: An overall AFTER shot of bedframe

Biotch took me task with this one...stripping off all that luxurious 'wood' grain took both my time & my brain cells (toxic paint stripper-realness), I'm not gonna lie...but whateve's, it's a small price to pay for all this metal/stainless steel's a refresher of what she used to look like:

Here's more hot AFTER Action:

A close up of bedframe

Let's see this lady without some of those pillows:

Those streaks on the headboard aren't my shoddy photography skills, y'all (sorry about moody lighting)...they're REAL...they came about from my scrubbing and are a bit unsightly, but I'm ok with them...when removing paint or other finish from metal, you often have to use an abrasive (sandpaper, steel wool, scrubber) as well as stripper, to get everything off...and depending upon what & how you use it (by hand vs. power tool), it will "scar" the metal. For instance, sandpaper will remove everything, but you'll be scratching your metal underneath in the removal process, so you have to be careful...some peeps use sandpaper or other abrasives & make it more of a deliberate design detail, creating a pattern or some such in the metal. I wanted the metal here to be more random and hand-finished, so it looked as natural as possible. Also, I can always re-sand if I want to tone down anything, etc. at a later time...b/c y'all know this shiot didn't take long enough in the first place...shut the FU&$ you I'm not touchin' that damn thing again!

Overall, I'm thrilled beyond belief at how my new bedframe turned out! From Thrift Whore score to sassy stainless seductress...consider y'all-selves taken there!

Little Thrift Whore Lovin'

Ok, Thrift Whores, it's been a while, but TRUST that y'all haven't been forgotten! It's been a helluva past couple weeks, to say the least...and I haven't been able to do my usual full-on whoring, but here's a few 'licious little nuggets:


Well, y'all, look who got all dolled-up at this Goodwill? She's even got a hole in her dress for easy plant?! Yeah, y'all...a PLANT, that's it...

Not really certain what in hell is happening here, but it looks difficult:


And the award for 'Most inventive way to re-purpose your wedding cake topper' goes to...


Going out on a limb here and guessing that couple is no longer together? Happy whoring, y'all!!!

Aw, guess what TODAY is?

Y'all, it's Thrift Whore Thursday!!! YUMMY! Look at this menu at one of my favorite sandwich shops in Williamsburg Brooklyn: A pic of a menu at a local deli counter in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

A touch difficult to read, but the name of one of the sandwiches on offer is, "My Girlfriend is a Whore"-- how sweet is that, y'all?

Speaking of Salvation Army is serving all kinds of goodies for us thrift whores:

A pic of a statue of a dog driving a car

The conundrum continues...

A pic of a 'cask of ale' lamp from thrift store

I just found a fix for that sad pooch above that should cheer him right up:

A pic of a fancy doggie bed at the thrift store

Either way, y'all...chaise chic! Oh SHIOT-- I HAD to!

Damn-- someone unleashed an entire set of scrumptious here:

A pic of midcentury chrome and oak dining chairs from thrift store

Slap some dark stain on that heinous oak trim and reupholster those chair seats & backs with some funky fabric and just shut the FU&% you already!

Oh and don't think I didn't notice the leather ottoman serving sass near the chair set:

When she gets reupholstered, she'll be running your life! The silhouette:

A pic of a midcentury sofa from a thrift store

Consider y'all-selves sufficiently served! Happy Whoring, y'all!

Show Me Your Teeth, Thrift Whores!

A pic of the exterior of the Brooklyn Heights Housing Works And that means it's Thursday, y'all! Get ready to do your Thrift Whore dance...5...6...7...8...cue dry ice...and when the smoke clears, look and see what the Brooklyn Heights Housing Works is serving us this week:

A pic of a pony covered settee in Housing Works thrift shop

We've just been style-slapped by this pony covered settee! DAMN! It's so un-p.c., I KNOW, y'all, but the decorating deed has already been done long ago, so somebody better saddle UP and get this in your house...PRONTO!

A tight pic of the sales tag for a vintage pony covered settee in thrift store

Right about now is the point in my Thrift Whoring that I wish all my years of dreaming for some sort of warehouse space was a reality, b/c that settee would be on my back on it's way there...alas, one day...and this too...damn double hot in one place:

Pic of a mid century desk in thrift store

And the hotties just keep jumping off the shelves in the Housing Works...what what!

A pic of a large dining table at thrift shop

A pic of a bronze chandelier in thrift shop

A pic of a clear glass small lamp in thrift shop

A wall planter at the thrift shop

A brass footed dish in thrift shop

A pic of a corn popper in a thrift shop

So chew on that, y'all! And happy whoring!!!