It's Friday and there's Free snow for the taking!

Well damn if NYC and vicinity hasn't had it's fair share of heinous weather and now Nemo is upon us!!! In fact, as I type this, there's some sort of air strike sounding siren going off in the distance and I'm not quite sure what it's alerting me to? Snow? Ice? Nuclear fallout? Since when does NYC use sirens in neighborhoods? Just more drama to add to an already high drama alert situation? YES! See, I wasn't already amped up enough by all the media coverage on Nemo, so let's sound some alarms, that probably haven't been used since the 50's, to heighten the scene even more! Speaking of, today's Free Shiot Friday is a real doozie, check it:

A pic of a pig's head in Prospect Park

Yeah, in case that pic isn't clear enough:

A close up shot of a pig's head in Prospect Park

There's just so much wrong with this scenario...but one of the highlights of wrongness here is, 'hi, I've got a pig's head I need to throw out, so I'm gonna go to the trouble of bagging it, but I think rather than just throw it out in the trash bins in front of my building, where I normally throw out all my trash, I'm gonna walk across the street, meander down the sidewalk a bit and then dump this bag in Prospect Park'...wtf? I know our neighborhood has some real issues with cleanliness, as witnessed by the endless parade of all things chicken strewn over the sidewalks at any given time (and season!), but this one kinda just takes precedence...

A close up front shot of pig's head in Prospect Park

Y'all, happy Friday...awwww, I heart NYC...remember, sometimes just b/c it's FREE, doesn't mean you want to take it home!

The Teens are upon us, y'all!

And if there's one thing about me that most of y'all know, I enjoy some Teen...(I AM Teen Tawny, afterall y'all...do have a listen to my songs here!!!): Pic of Teen Tawny shot by K Alane Golden

So a HUGE Happy New Year to my grandbaby dazzler's!!! May 2013 bring y'all health, wealth, love and perfect self-expression-- by way of sparkly headbands and panties!!! LOVE! I also LOVE my new chic porcelain gnome light I scooped up recently on sale at Target:

Pic of PJ Mehaffey's Good Luck Gnome of 2013

This little guy makes me sooooo happy-- I've decided he's my 'good luck gnome'...Target might be sold out b/c he was value-priced to sell, but don't fret, y'all can score one here:

Pic of the 'good luck gnome' all aglow

Commence 2013 dream fulfillment!

Compose Y'all-selves!

One of my many 'job duties' as a prop & set stylist for photo shoots is to compose items/objects being photographed, like this: A pic of PJ Mehaffey composing cosmetics for a photo shoot

That's an early version of a cosmetics shot that I composed for the Taigan.com 2012 holiday gift guide...it's not brain surgery here, folks, but it's a close second at least, I mean, c'mon...the beauty industry? The economy? Y'all do the math! Anyway, I digress...here's where we ended up:

A screen grab of the cosmetic section of Taigan gift guide styled by PJ Mehaffey

A little composition love goes a LONG way, right? What started out as cute & contained grew to be fun & flirty with lots of energy and movement. Now, don't y'all just want to buy all that shiot right now? I mean, look how gorg it is, spread all across the place just beckoning, ever so tenderly...Cosmetic Confessions!

Shout out to the uber-talented photographer dynamo, Emily J Anderson, and Ellie Sommerville McNevin, who art directed beyond belief! Trebbie! We had a great time together and I think we served up one sassy gift guide...check it here. So now, none of y'all have ANY excuses for last-minute holiday shopping scrambles, OK?!

Desperately Seeking Stainless...

Y'all, I'm forever on the hunt for some thing. Whether it's for a prop styling gig or an interiors project for a client or, for my own projects. Usually, it's an item that doesn't exist (I dreamt it up, I guess?) or isn't readily available (mass market) or is out of stock or is custom. One day I just want to open up a store that carries ALL the shiot that I'm endlessly searching for...a one-stop shop, where everything's in stock and it's all available. All the time. My current search was for a restaurant supply table for my clients kitchen. Y'all know these tables, right?

A pic of a standard restaurant prep table

They're mainly used as prep tables in restaurant kitchens-- stainless steel, about counter height, with one shelf below that's adjustable.

Challenge: I needed one that my client could actually sit at. Exactly like this:

A shot of a stainless steel restaurant table with an 'open base'

Search-a-thon was on for open base biotch! Let it be known, that we have a killer restaurant supply district in NYC, where naturally I went first to try and find this table. And naturally, no one seemed to know what in hell I was talking about. In fact, I went as far as texting the above open base example image to one lady who promptly told me that type of table doesn't exist, or well...then, it's...custom! Well, custom shut the FU$% you! Guess who found that table after all???

A screen shot of open base restaurant prep table for sale online

Holla! The exact table in the exact dimensions I need-- all for roughly $338 bucks!!! VALUE! The Web Restaurant Store has taken me there! Click here to get this table or something similar for your own projects...this place has an awesome selection of all kinds of chic restaurant supply furniture--- all under one 'roof'... available all the time...with a simple click of a mouse!!! Yummy!

It's 5:00 PM somewhere!

An extreme close up of bar cart So y'all know what that means? Time to get your drank on!!! And it just so happens that I'll be enjoying mine from my new bar cart! Oh shiot, lookee here...warning...HOT AFTER ACTION:

An after pic of a grocery cart turned into a bar cart

This is probably one of the easiest diy's I've ever done! And I just j'adore how it turned out...It's amazing to me how you can completely transform something from it's intended purpose into something else entirely-- with the easy addition of some custom cut glass.

A close up shot of the top tier of repurposed bar cart

A pic of the lower tier of the repurposed bar cart

Here's how I made this all happen...

*Create a template for the area that you wish to put glass atop/on. If you're blessed to have a cart with a square or rectangular situation, then this project is even EASIER and you're a biotch! BUT, if, like me, you have an irregular shape that you're working with-- pear, rotund, obtuse c'ankle-- what have you...then y'all have to make a template for glass cutter to work off. I made mine out of craft paper.

*Next cut a rough approximate shape from paper. Holding that shape firmly in place, trace the underside/bottom edges of the basket where your glass will eventually sit inside of. Make sense? This allows ya'll to get the exact shape of the area you want glass cut for.

*Lastly, trim off about 1.5" more from the tracing line you just made in the paper edge with scissors to allow for some clearance of the glass, so it won't scrape against the metal of the cart, once cut. Now you've made your template, which should look something like this:

A pic of the paper template being held to underside of shopping cart

A pic of the paper template fitting perfectly into the base of basket

A close-up of the top tier glass being lowered into bar cart

Close-up pic of glass being fit into bottom of bar cart

And there y'all have it! Remember to always measure twice (or even three times) and cut once. Also, as a back-up back-up, if you're just nervous as all hell to trust your template-making skills, you can always bring your cart to your glass cutter. Y'all want at least 1/4" thick glass with a safety edge. My two pieces ran me about $60/each...so, not dirt cheap, but not cra cra either. And this little lady may not always be just a bar cart in my space-- she can now become a side table or console of sorts, etc...so the minimal investment has yielded double and potentially even TRIPLE value, y'all...and that's not something we take lightly here at Blog-A-Dazzle!!! Triple Value!

Closing pic of repurposed bar cart. Cheers!

Serena & Lily'd!

A cover shoot of the Serena & Lily Summer catalog Did y'all hear that sound? That was just me being style slapped by the Serena & Lily Summer catalog! Damn! These ladies sure know how to serve some sass...prepare to feast:

A pic of the Serena & Lily Corsica Napkins Sop some up at $38 for a 4-set...these outdoor lights are just adorbs...they're a little on the pricey side at $150, but there are 7 lights in the strand and they come with these sweet, white powder-coated shades, so they're the real deal:

Outdoor lights from Serena and Lily Well, just shut the FU*& you and unfold some chic with these babies:

Serena & Lily sling chair

They're $295 each or $260 each for 2 or more...well, and what do we have here...the new Hennie chair, also $295 each:

Serena & Lily Hennie chair

More rattan right-ness can be had with this: Serena & Lily hanging rattan chair

Oh, y'all, more hot rope action:

Rope bins from Serena & Lily

Serena & Lily metallic storage bin

Metallic rug from Serena & Lily

Beaded chandelier from Serena & Lily

These yummy pendants are all on SALE for $69.99 each, so y'all better scoop 'em up quick-like:

Bright colored drum pendants from Serena & lily

And these stools are just slaying me with cute...they could work ANYWHERE:

Dip-dyed stools from Serena & Lily

And then there's these ladies, who just refuse to not be noticed:

Elsa stool from Serena & Lily catalog

Hold the phone headboard...

Georgina Headboard from Serena & Lily

Hurry and take y'all-selves to Serena & Lily for all this and even MORE chic beyond belief!

Secrets of a Genius

Stylist Emily Henderson By far, one of the BEST shows on offer at HGTV is Secrets of a Stylist. Hosted by design star winner and stylist Emily Henderson, this show should not be missed! Obvi, I'm slightly biased b/c, like Emily, I too am a stylist with secrets, but more importantly, this girl just kicks ass! She's so smart, savvy, sophisticated and has such a wonderfully refreshing self-deprecating humor, you can't help but love her! Upon being born, the girl was just slapped with chic-- that's all there is to it-- bless her! Her designs are consistently phenom...I'm constantly slain by style every episode! For some bizarre and seemingly random reason, the show airs every Wed at 9:00 AM, at least according to HGTV's website, b/c you know, that's when most of the world is up and at 'em trying to get their design show fix on, but whatever...find your local listing of this show and watch, watch, watch! And if you're not home at that hour, by all means fire up that DVR!

Drop it like it's hot...

Hope y'all are gettin' your bbq & fireworks on today in honor of our nations Bday?! Tear it up, America-- this is YOUR DAY! Celebrate yourself! July also happens to be the month that all my recent market editing assignments are hot off the presses! Check it:

An image of the July 2012 cover of Good Housekeeping magazine Good Housekeeping feature, 'The United States of Style' shows y'all how to serve up Made in America chic-ery in your own homes! Oh tangy!

First page of the Good Housekeeping magazine article

This story proved to be more challenging than y'all would think b/c there's hardly ANYTHING from the world of home decor that's manufactured from start to finish in our great country, but we managed to round up some gorg':

Good Housekeeping magazine article page 2

Shot by the uber-talented, Anna Williams and styled by genius dynamo, Marcus Hay I think this story turned out brilliantly! Shout out to the tireless two-some, Laura Eckstein and Sara Lyle at Good Housekeeping who did so much to rock the house on this one too!

Page three from Good Housekeeping magazine article

And when you're at the newsstand gettin' your copy, be sure to also grab this month's Real Simple magazine for double style value:

An image of the July 2012 cover of Real Simple magazine

Every July issue Real Simple helps some highly-deserving folks finish up a home nightmare and turn it into a room of their dreams! Now THAT'S a party, y'all know I had to be at! And lucky for me I was!

Opening page of Real Simple article

Produced by the Senior Market Editor a.k.a., Priestess of Chic, Kelley Carter and styled by Lili Diallo, who's styling is so beyond sophisticated, it's actually other-wordly, these homeowners weren't just served finished rooms, they were given glamour, sweetie dahling-- YES! HUGE Holla must also go to Amy Blier-Long, who schooled us in how a market editor really gets what they want, when she just called up the president/ceo directly b/c no one else at the hardware company seemed to have a clue! Oh hi, Mr President...I need 50 drawer pulls...like, tomorrow! Damn, grrrrrl!

An image of the second page of Real Simple article

Third page from Real Simple article

Final page of Real Simple article

I hope y'all can handle all this style that these awesome magazines are serving in July?! Happy 4th!!!

Relaxing in NYC

It's a rare thing when I actually slow down enough from serving y'all all this dazzle to relax. And thats just what I'm doing today. We're at an awesome baby shower in Brooklyn, with amazing home-cooked food, cold beer and one of the BEST views in the world...THIS is summer in NYC and I LOVE this town!


Oh NO you didn't, Pottery Barn!

Y’all, June just seemed to jump right over me and somehow I’ve ended up in LATE July! I guess summer vacations have a way of doing that…but it’s never too late to be STYLE-slapped! Oh YES! Which is exactly what went down when leafing through the new August 2011 Pottery Barn catalog! The ‘theme’ of this issue: Design Your Dream Home, where in addition to some great new product, they’re also now offering complimentary design services. I use the word “issue” deliberately here…PB has been blurring the lines of its’ catalogs for several years now. They don’t just sell product, they offer actual content-- style & entertaining tips, gorgeously photographed rooms that are beautifully styled, paint colors used in the rooms you see. And the website is even bigger, filled with actual videos on how to do everything under the Pottery Barn sun—and y’all know how we like ourselves some videos here at Blog-a-Dazzle?!

My PB love goes way back to when, fresh out of college, I had no money whatsoever to furnish my first apartment. I spent countless hours thumbing through the Pottery Barn catalog, studying it, trying to figure out how to achieve those looks with no money. The first sofa I “designed” was actually a horrendous “hand-me-down” from my sister, that I cut up and made a slipcover for, inspired by—y’all guessed it--- a sofa I’d seen in my Pottery Barn catalog.

Me and PB have come a long way, y’all…so much so that soon y’all will get to see some of MY styling in two upcoming Pottery Barn Bed and Bath catalogs—how’s THAT for a style slap? But in the meantime, feast your eyes upon this round-up of PJ’s picks of the latest Pottery Barn chic:

PJ's Pottery Barn picks {From left to right, Griffin Rope Chandelier, $399; Grand Hotel Clock, $129; Reinforced Burlap Baskets, $49-$69; Hawkins Tool Chest Accent Table, $399; Railroad Mantel Clock, $129; Wheelbarrow Salt Cellar with Wooden Spoon, $12.50; Oversized Wooden Frame Hangers, $24; Sheffield Cart, $1499; Galvanized Floor Storage, $129; Small Spaces Wallmount Hook, $89, please see I want that! page for more details and product links}

Kitchen Cabinet-liscious Complete!

Kitchen Cabinets all painted white Alternate view of painted cabinets

A detail shot of painted lower cabinet next to 'granite' countertop

Painted cabinets alternate after shot

It was a mere four days ago that our kitchen cabinets were serving some heapin' helpins of 'oak' horrendousness, only to be transformed with a super-easy paint job! Our kitchen is lighter, brighter and feels brand new! And shut the &$ck y'all, this makeover only cost me $60 in supplies! Now, this is what I call yummy, y'all!

Yarning Off!

Y’all, when it comes to collecting, I’ve been known to get a little--- shall we say, passionate?—about certain things.Group shot of three different collections in PJ Mehaffey's apartment

Landscape paintings. Globes. Dansk candleholders. And for the past year or so, I’ve taken to yarn art. Yes!

Y’all know what I’m talking about, right? The often heinous, straight-out-of-the-sixties-and- seventies wall art & throw pillows, like this: A pic of yarn art featuring daisies on olive green linen background framed in teak.

Yellow and orange flowered yarn art on black backgrounds in PJ Mehaffey's apt Pic of two floral yarn artwork in PJ Mehaffey's apt A pic of another yarn artwork collected by PJ Mehaffey

Besides just making me happy, this kitschy goodness is great b/c it’s usually really cheap and most importantly, it’s handmade. Knowing that someone, somewhere put a lot of love and attention into making it, puts an even cheesier smile on my face. And y’all KNOW I love me some cheese! PJ Mehaffey is backslapped by cheese Fondue in an amazing Parisian restaurant Also, most of the pieces I’ve collected have a real graphic quality and since they’re made with yarn on linen or other fabric, they’re textural. This adds a fun dimension when layered with other artwork on a wallscape. A pic of yarn artwork featuring a large red flower on a yellow linen background in a gold frame

Recently, on a thrift store trolling session I was backslapped by these two lovely ladies: A white-framed yarn art piece of wicker chairs on a linen green background A wonderfully happy green and yellow yarn art bouquet atop a yellow linen background

I don’t normally spend this much on yarn art, $55 & $45 respectively, but before I could even think twice about it, these gals jumped off the wall and landed in my shopping cart! (Don’t y’all just HATE that when that happens? WTF, Gals?!) But since this was a charity thrift store, this was a win-win for all of us!

And this goodness isn’t just limited to walls…check out these amazing pillows I’ve gathered: Delectable! Amazing pink, yellow and red floral yarn art pillow on a green striped chair A pic of a blue and green embroidered pillow on a green striped chair Colorful patchwork-embroidered pillow on PJ Mehaffey's sofa

Now, y’all aren’t seeing things, some of this lusciousness I’m sharing is technically more embroidery, than yarn art, but it’s a thin enough line, or thread, in my opinion. And who the hell am I to suddenly get all tech-y on y’all? With that said, I’ve rounded up some treats of all thread-y types from the marketplace. Now go get your yarn on!

A round up of yarn products from Etsy, Jonathan Adler and August Morgan

Mod Love Pillow by Jonathan Adler, $175

Pitcher of flowers by MerryMayFarm on Etsy, $12

1960s Rooster Picture Home Made by Stirlings on Etsy, $19.99

Sunny Day Needlepoint Vintage Picture on Linen by Bethanyg13 on Etsy, $15

Bargello Chevron Pillow by Jonathan Adler, $175

Keep Calm and Carry Yarn poster by JennieGee on Etsy, $20

Yarn Wreath Handmade Front Door- Orange and Cream, 12 in. by ItzFitz on Etsy, $40

Crewel Cat Pillow by August Morgan, $200

Dolly Parton Yarn Art by BrandyLynnAndPaul on Etsy, $200

Bonjour, Blog-A-Dazzle!

PJ's Blog-A-Dazzle goes to Paris Y’all, I’ve just been backslapped by Paris!

A couple weeks ago, Dyl and I crossed the Atlantic for my first ever tour of La Ville-Lumiere (The City of Light), with an additional stop in England. Paris is extraordinary for many reasons, but naturally what took me there was the architecture and the shopping! Everywhere I looked it was cute upon cute, beginning with our insane hotel room in Montmarte:

Interior shot of toile upholstered walls inside Paris hotel room

Uh huh, they were! And just shut the $&ck you view out of our hotel room window!

Paris hotel room view of Eiffel Tower

I’m not done yet, y’all…this stuff was so cute I had to put it in a collage!

Collage of images from our trip to Paris

But wait, there’s even more! Two shops came highly recommended by two highly-stylish friends—Holla, Lili & James!!— Le Bon Marche and Merci.

Le Bon Marche was like a giant emporium of chic. Not only was the merchandise beyond gorge, but the store layout and design was insane. Look at this shiot!

Shot of furniture showroom inside Le Bon Marche in Paris

These light fixtures in the kitchen dept are made from strainers…yes, I wrote strainers…

A large chandelier made up of repurposed strainers

This? Oh, y’all know, just two chandeliers made from whisks…that’s all…

Large chandeliers made out of whisks inside Le Bon Marche

Look at how these everyday items— a dish towel, ceramic travel mugs, serving bowls--- are elevated to art status by the way in which they're merchandized…what a splendid way to approach our own everyday items at home…play with arranging them by color on a clean white surface, or wall…

Yellow and white kitchen products graphically merchandized

Merci was another experience in backslappery! From the moment you discover the entrance to the place— marked by a miniature red car brimming with colorful plastic shipping crates--- you’re just assaulted by style, in the BEST way, of course!

The emphasis here is on wonderful, utilitarian items peppered with stunning repurposed pieces all blended to luxurious perfection. Like this custom steel and plastic crate console:

Repurposed plastic crates and steel console in Merci

When I practically ruin a picture serving awkward face, y’all know it’s gotta be intense… And this marble topped, steel cabinet is to blame!

Vintage marble and steel cabinet found in Merci

But don’t fret, Dazzlers, I got my groove back when I was slain by the spirit of style with these repurposed doors made into cabinets…

Old doors repurposed into wall cabinets inside Merci

Only to be struck down by this light fixture:

Repurposed jingle bells as light fixture inside Merci

Speaking of lights, everywhere I turned, I was backslapped by something more extraordinary:

Dramatic black beaded chandelier inside Merci

Industrial style light fixture displays inside Merci

Completely spent, yet soldiering on in the name of style—like I always do, no matter the circumstance, the country, the hangry-- I took a Carrie Bradshaw moment in Merci and "couldn't help by wonder..."

PJ Mehaffey posing in front of dining table inside Merci

Y'all, I'd always heard Paris was all kinds of bounty beautiful, but I never expected to be taken there as much as I was...and we hardly scratched the surface of the drama glam being slung around. I returned not only five pounds heavier, but truly inspired with tons of decorating and style ideas. So, y'all, when you travel, remember that you can get slain by the spirit of style when you least expect it. And isn't that what great travel is really all about? Oui, indeed!