Alchemy Eclectic

Photography by Hector Sanchez

al·che·my\'al-kə-mē\ n 1: a power or process of transforming something common into something precious

eclec·tic\'e-'klek-tik, i-\ adj 1: composed of elements drawn from various sources, methods or styles

Welcome to Alchemy Eclectic. Your space should be dramatic. The process of decorating it, shouldn't be.

That's why we're here. Whatever your budget, whatever your size space. We give you a truly unique interior, that reflects who you are and how you really live.

We handle all aspects of your project from start to finish. You decide how hands-on you want to be. You get the makeover without all the melodrama.

Alchemy Eclectic is an interior decorating and styling company based in Brooklyn, NY and founded by PJ Mehaffey. For more information on PJ and to read his blog, visit here.

Visit the AE Shop at the link above for a unique selection of decorative items curated by PJ.

Your Space. Your Style.